Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

These two locations are so close they’re more or less within sight of one another. Consequently, we might as well look at both of them at the same time. You can find them by heading south from Tenpines Bluff and following the busted-up freeway. Bedford Station is along the train tracks, while Rotten Landfill is down the hill to the southeast. Bedford Station will occasionally pop up as part of a Cleansing the Commonwealth quest from Knight Rhys, so you may discover it that way as well.

Bedford Station

- When you find this area you’ll quickly discover that it’s overrun by a variety of Feral Ghouls, and though they probably won’t notice you right away, particularly at night, they’re restless enough to find you eventually. You can dispel some of the danger by entering the tower beside the tracks and turning off the search lights via the terminal, but you do need to kill the Ghouls to clear the area. So. (Check the terminal for the creepy Bedford Station Recording Holotape, as well.)

- Once you’ve killed off the Ghouls, head down the tracks a bit. There’s a loading dock to the north with more Feral Ghouls, including, inside, a Feral Ghoul Roamer that might turn Legendary if you’re lucky / unlucky. Your tactics won’t change, but the amount of damage you have to deal will. A companion’s a good choice for this area. Once the Ghouls are gone, inspect the building for some medical supplies, crafting items from a truck out back, and another terminal. Nothing special. (If you're here for Rhys, the Ghoul you need to kill is in here.)

Rotten Landfill

- True to its name, Rotten Landfill is a giant heap of junk. Yay! It’s hard to miss, especially since someone will probably be shooting at Mole Rats upon approach. Help them out. You’ll find more of the things infesting the inside of the Landfill, and though they often get the drop on you, they’re pretty easy to kill.

- The Landfill looks like it might be a deep tunnel, but it’s just a small warren with multiple entrances. In the middle of these entrances is a small cache of crafting items and ammo in a tool box and a trunk. Huzzah! There’s also a little house to the side of the Landfill, but there’s very little inside of worth. (I assume it belongs to the dude who was shooting the Mole Rats. Did he do anything besides that for other people? He just kinda… fucked off on me…)

- One last thing, while you’re in the area. To the southeast of the Landfill is a small lake. It goes against Fallout wisdom, but if you dip into the lake from the northwest side (where you’re facing, basically) you can find a suit of Power Armor waiting. It’s crapped out in most respects, but it does have a Fusion Core installed, so hopping in and steering it out is an easy option. Enjoy!