Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- Parkview Apartments is located to the west of Diamond City. And when I say that, I mean directly west - it’s only a few blocks away from the main entrance of Diamond City. If the streets are confusing, and they can be a little confusing, head towards the small lake (Chestnut Hillock Reservoir) just west of Diamond City. The Apartments overlook the water. Be careful of Super Mutants along the way. You might find this place on your on, or Knight Rhys may send you as part of Cleansing the Commonwealth.

- We’ll start with the western entrance, coming off of the water. Parkview Apartments is controlled by Super Mutants, and you’ll find a small blockade at the rear of the building with a Turret and likely manned by one or two Super Mutants. If you go around the front there’s a very good chance you’ll come across Raiders, and there’s an equally good chance that they will take on the Super Mutants if you’re quiet.

- You’ll hear lots of Super Mutants talking about you while you’re walking around the building, but you won’t see a lot of them. They’re up on a higher level you can’t reach from the ground. You’ll need to get up there from the Parkview Lounge, inside the Apartments. You can access it from the ground level main entrance, or you can go up some nearby stairs and get in from there. A small garage nearby can also be opened via a terminal, but it just takes you to the street side of the building, and there’s a Turret inside that will fill you with bullets if you’re not careful.

Parkview Lounge

- We’ll enter from the ground floor. Expect to hear gunshots when you come inside, though they’ll again be on an upper floor. Take a right from the door and use the elevator. The elevator takes you to the promised Lounge, though there’s not much in the initial bar area besides some minor items - notably a chem box behind the bar - and a rather disturbing, headless body. Yay!

- There are two exits up here, one in the east and one in the south. South leads to the entrance again; east leads to the roof. We’ll ignore both for now and go up the stairs in the northwest. Any surviving baddies up here (probably Super Mutants) will make lots of noise, but they won’t bother you until you’re on the next floor. Once you’re up there and have cleared out enemies, look to a small, southern office for an Expert wall safe. Watch out for an explosives trap on the yellow box in the main room, as well.

- The eastern door leads outside again, and the northwestern hallway leads to a useless dead end (and possible Turret), so you’re ultimately forced outside.

Parkview Apartments Rooftop

- You’ll wind up beside a ramp, along with a bunch of office equipment and boxes. (The stairs downward lead to the exit you ignored on the main floor of the Lounge.) The ramp leads to a flat area with several Super Mutants and a Turret, and they’re allllll aimed at you. Stealth is highly recommended, as there’s no cover besides retreating down the ramp again, and they have you flanked. If you must shoot your way up, strafe back and forth constantly to avoid being exposed, and use V.A.T.S. often.

- Climb up onto the top of the roof once the Super Mutants are gone. There’s a final room up here (your Cleaning the Commonwealth target is in this room) where you can find an ammo-packed steamer trunk and an Expert wall safe, behind the desk and chair combo. You can also cross to an adjacent building up here where you may find some live Raiders, but… I doubt it. Honour their memories by stealing their stuff.

- This roof leads to a more generic Apartment Building, which we’ll check out quick. Be careful of one or two live Raiders as you go down the stairs to enter the building; they’ll most likely be along the front of the building, on a makeshift catwalk in front of a big advertisement. Note the Armor Workbench near the entrance.

Apartment Building

- There are two Raiders in the first room down the hall, the one with the head on the door. Gross. Aside from some assorted items and the contents of an Expert wall safe, beside the couch, it’s not a terribly interesting room.

- There are stairs to the left of the door. There’s a Turret down the first right when you hit the next floor; be careful. (Also, dead end.) Continue downstairs until you reach the ground floor; the path splits here. If you take a right you’ll find a short dead end hallway with a door on your left. Beyond is a small kitchen (yay, Vault-Tec Lunchbox!) and a room with a Raider who’s seemingly guarding a Weapons Workbench. Yay. 

- Take a left and you’ll find a small lobby, including an exit. There’s a gun trap just beside the door that you can disarm. Otherwise, you’re all done. Emerge from the Apartment Building and you’ll be across the street from Hardware Town.