Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Lexington Apartments

- In order to access the Apartments you first need to find ‘em, which isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do, as they don’t exactly stick out in Ghoul-heavy Lexington. You’ll find the Apartments on the east side of Lexington, just south of Mystic Pines. If you see a yucky-looking pool guarded by Raiders, you’ve just north of the Apartments.

- You’ll emerge in a narrow staircase. Two flights up from the entrance is a Frag Mine; be careful to disarm it before it blows you to hell. The next flight up has a Trip Wire that you similarly need to disarm. Next up is a Grenade Bouquet; it’s dangling over your head on the next flight. (Also, a creepy person mumbling to themselves. Yay!)

- There’s a large number of severed hands at the top of the staircase. Lovely. Pop open the door and you’ll be in a small apartment. There are two Raiders on your left; take ‘em out (you can easily get the drop on the guys at this point), and check the box in the small kitchen for some ammo. (There's also an Overdue Book. How bold of the Raiders.)

- Straight ahead is a door on your left. This will take you outside, to the remains of a bathroom. And the front of the Apartments. And… well, nothing, frankly. There’s noooothing out here. Okay then!

- So what’s the point of the Lexington Apartments? It’s probably a marker for the Master locked safe outside on the street. Across from the entrance / exit is a heap of junked-up old cars, and in the middle of them is the safe. There are also two Frag Mines here, and they’ll explode if you approach the safe, wiping out you and the cars. They appear to be hidden under the cars, so your main approach is to a) creep along stealthily and try not to set them off, or b) blow up one of the cars and try to take the mines with it. Either way, the safe is in the free. (Though I don’t know what’s inside yet. Blasted Master locks!)