Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Cambridge Crater is located, as the name implies, right in the heart of Cambridge… or, at least, in the east of Cambridge. If you leave the Cambridge Police Station and travel due east along the streets you’ll eventually come across it, almost out of sheer necessity - it’s right in the middle of the road. Or, uh, several roads. It’s a literal crater, and a big one at that.

Cambridge Crater is notable primarily because it’s a big pain in the ass. Not only does it take up a lot of space and sport some delicious radioactive water, the Crater is filled, filled, with Feral Ghouls. They’re down deep at first, but the first wind of trouble will bring them flooding onto street level - and since there are often Raiders and Synths fighting up here, the chances are good even sneaking around won’t keep the Ghouls out of your hair. This is made all the worse by any Legendaries which may have spawned, and there’s a good chance that has happened, as well as the presence of a Putrid Glowing Ghoul. This thing is incredibly tough, can emit Rads at will, and can murder anyone at low levels in one or two hits.

The Crater is not an easy landmark to complete, in short, or at least not without planning. Here are some tips if you really want it cleared:
  • Bring a companion. They can draw some Ghouls for you.
  • This is a situational tip, but if there are NPCs already fighting the Ghouls, don’t kill them. They won’t shoot at you until there’s nothing left to target, and they make good (but momentary) damage sponges.
  • If possible, and it’s often not, sneak up to the edge of the Crater and snipe the Ghouls while they’re still at the bottom. You probably won’t see the Glowing One from up top, but every Ghoul you kill down there makes it easier to face this thing when it does appear.
  • If you come from the east to stare into the Crater you’ll see a ledge to your left, overlooking an alleyway of sorts. The Ghouls will probably rush through here to get at you, and you can use this spot to grenade, mine, or just shoot them to death with less risk to yourself. Once they round the next corner they will be on your level, though, so be ready to fight or run. For that matter, it’s wise to look around this entire neighbourhood for higher places to climb where they can’t get at you.

Sadly, your prize for defeating the Ghouls and getting down into the Crater is not much. There’s nothing in the ruined buildings surrounding the Crater besides junk, and there’s only one trunk riiiiight at the bottom that contains ammo and weapons worthy of attention. Make sure you bring radiation-blocking equipment for the trip down.