Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- One of the more remote locations in Fallout 4, Spectacle Island appears as a small, somewhat hilly stretch of land in the southeast waters of the Commonwealth. You’re most likely to spot it from the Castle, as it’s off the shore from that part of Boston. You’ll need to swim out to reach it; make sure to apply some Rad-X before making the trip, or some radiation-proof gear. Swimming from the Warwick Homestead will make it a shorter trip, as well.

- Spectacle Island isn’t huge, and at first glance it’s somewhat desolate, despite the buildings on the island. You’ll find the following on Spectacle Island:
  • There’s a dock, a house, and a smaller shack in the north. The dock is nothing interesting, but you can find a Mini Nuke on the lower floor of the house and some guns and ammo in the shack. The shack also contains a Power Armor Station and a Chemistry Station.
  • If you wander east along the northern beach you’ll find spilled shipping containers, some of which are radioactive. Watch those Rads. As you get closer to the beached ship in the east several Mirelurks will pop out of the ground, including one Hunter Mirelurk. The Softshells are no deal - one shotgun shell to the face will do - but the Hunter is serious business. Try to cripple its legs so it can’t follow you around. The ship has an Advanced locked safe on the end opposite the ship which contains a nice ammo stash, and you can find some more items in the containers back by the beach.
  • There are two ships at sea near the northern shore of Spectacle Island. The first, in the north, has very little on it - though it raises some sad questions about its owner (and possible dog). The second, a tugboat to the east, is actually a mooring spot for three ships - and they’re all blood useless. (I found some Rad-X, a few things of Bloodleaf, and an Office Desk Fan. Totally worth the long swim.)
  • At the island’s highest point is a small, ruined structure. You can find some minor items inside. A small, ramshackle structure sits down the hill to the southeast of here; it’s similarly rather bleh, but the bodies carry some more useful items. Watch out for another Hunter lingering near this hut. (It was Legendary for me. Man, was that ever a fun fight.)
  • Wander along the eastern coast to the south and you’re apt to run across a Mirelurk King. These vicious hunters come straight at you, like most Mirelurks - but they’re much faster, and they have a sonic attack that can hit you at a range. Go for the legs. You’ll find what looks like an outhouse over here; inside you’ll find some drugs. Yay!
  • Up the hill from the outhouse, or whatever, is a small structure with loudspeakers up top. Inside is a Workbench. Yes, you can settle the island, but don’t do it yet. Keep looking around first.
  • There are four wrecked ships in the south. One is almost fully submerged, and has a few useless (but tragic) graves near it. The second, close enough to land to have some boards leading out to it, is part of the quest for setting up a settlement here. Grab items from the hold, if you want - there’s a Fat Man down here that will come in real handy, and there’s lots of ammo in a box on the upper floor. Look near this second box for a Luck Bobblehead in a locker, as well. The third ship is far out to sea from here, and though it’s larger than it looks from the shore, there’s nothing worth the trip aboard. The fourth and final ship is floating far to the southeast (though not too far from the third ship) and looks like someone called it home for a while; there are a fair number of items on it, as well as an Advanced safe you can pop open for free ammo and other items.
  • Back to shore. There’s one more shack in the south with little to it besides more odds and ends. Start heading along the western shores and you’ll find another half-sunken ship as you head north. Near this ship you’re likely to run into a Mirelurk Deep King; it’s like the Mirelurk King you fought earlier, just tougher. Cripple the bastard. (It was legendary for me. Yaaaay.) Around the ship you’ll run into more run-of-the-mill Mirelurks of varying strengths; they’re guarding nothing of value on the damned ship. Glad you wasted all that ammo? Yay!

- Right! That’s the whole Island. Nice tour. Now it’s time to get it set up for business. Return to the shack with the loudspeakers and check the desk inside to find a checklist. It’ll tell you to turn on a generator, found in the ship on the shore nearby. Save, then hit the circuit breaker on the generator inside. Why save? Because you’ll make a Mirelurk Queen spawn, that’s why save!

- Fortunately, you don’t need to fight this thing properly if you don’t want. Rush straight out of the ship and back onto shore. You need to get to the shack with the Workbench as quickly as possible, because it contains a second circuit breaker that will activate a signal to ‘perturb’ the Mirelurks on the island. With the occasional, glitchy exception they will all retreat to the shores, and from that point on won’t pose a threat to you, even if you walk right up to them and shoot them in the face. This even applies to the Mirelurk Queen - though if you plan to kill it for the experience you need to be careful not to chase it into deep water you can’t reach. Be warned, some Mirelurks will still attack, but they’re rare.

- Once the signal has been activated you can use the Workbench, which means you can create a settlement here. It’s a nice place if for no other reason that it’s isolated, so you usually don’t have trouble from baddies raiding your shores. It also offers perhaps the largest amount of land you’ve been given to build on yet, making it a great place for a big, ramshackle palace. Go nuts.