Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

General Atomics Galleria

- Located in the northeast of the Commonwealth, General Atomics Galleria is east of Sanctuary by a fair walk. You’re most likely to find it by going to Tenpines Bluff for an early mission; the Galleria is on the southern tip of a lake that’s east of the Bluff, on the other side of a large, busted-up freeway.

- Though you may have learned to mistrust robots to a degree, the units floating around the entrance of the Galleria are friendly, and will help you absolutely murder any enemy units that are hounding you. Feel free to lure targets into their range. That said, you don’t want to get into a fight with these dudes. They’ll mess you up.

- Out front of the Galleria is a Greeter. It will immediately tell you to report to the Director of the Galleria. Once that’s done, you’re free to explore the grounds of the shopping mall. There are a fair number of stores to visit hereabouts. We’ll look at them in clockwise order, from the front of the Galleria:
  • The first shop on your left is actually a boxing ring. If you step into the ring you’ll have to square off against The Champ, an absolute wimp at hand-to-hand combat. Any character can smack him down with enough punches, let alone a character built for melee combat. If you pull a weapon during this fight the two attendant robots will join in, which is actually preferable, because you can fairly easily demolish all three and steal all of their loot. None of the security robots seem to give a damn if you trash ‘em all.
  • Next clockwise is a showcase of Mr. Handy models. They will each break down during the demonstration. Good show! You can loot the robots, but this will bring Guard Gutsies down on your head, and the loot isn’t worth the risk anyway.
  • Next in the line is a cafe. If you accept the invitation and sit down the robots will attempt to ’serve’ you, which means an attack. Go ahead and kill ‘em for some more good loot. (Check the terminal behind the servers’ station for more info. Hrm.)
  • Back Alley Bowling is next. There are four robots in here, and if you try to enter the Alley without paying (or persuading the desk robot that you’re okay to look around) you’ll get attacked by all four. Waste ‘em as they come at you. There’s lots of stuff to snag in here, but nothing of incredible note. Bear in mind that there’s a fifth robot in one of the back rooms, next to the actual bowling alleys, and you won’t stop being considered a thief until you take it out. There’s an Advanced terminal back here, as well, and it provides a Manual Override password. You’ll use it later.
  • Next is a clothing store staffed by a neurotic robot named Reg. Touch anything and he’ll freak out. Do as you will with that knowledge.
  • There’s a bakery up next, and a robot reading out numbers. You can find a ticket reading ’22’ on a corpse sitting across from the counter. Sadly, he’ll never get to 22 (21?! You cheap bastard!), and if you try and go in the back room the cook in the back will yell at you to leave. There’s nothing through the Novice locked door here except the back of the store, so… I dunno… just destroy the poor saps, I guess.
  • The last is a small coffee shop. The vendor is nice enough, but his offer to get you a coffee is bad, as the place is filled with gas. Quickly step out of the shop to avoid the flames if you agree to a cup.
- These shops aside, the Galleria’s main feature is a large, Mr. Handy-shaped building in the middle of the Galleria. You can use a lift to reach the top. Up here is a Mr. Gutsy named The Director, and he’ll ask you about the ‘Grand Re-Opening’. If you found the Manual Override password earlier you can use it to peacefully end this situation; you can also try and use your Charisma to trick The Director. This will earn you 15 Pre-War Dollars. Otherwise, expect a fight. Not a good place to scrap, given the very small space.

- If you destroyed The Director then the robots below will remain slightly off-kilter for the rest of the game. Initiate the Grand Re-Opening, however, and you’ll no longer have anything to fear. You can pilfer whatever you like without being attacked, and many of the robots - Crisp in the bakery, Waitron in the restaurant, Reg in the clothing shop - will become vendors. (Honestly, though, between the Circuitry and the ammo, it’s worth more to you to just trash as many robots as you can.)