Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- The Brewery is on the edge of the same lake where you’ll find Graygarden, just west of Cambridge Police Station. If you head south from Concord and stay on the same road you’ll find a bridge to the Brewery eventually. There are three Raiders keeping guard when you first arrive; they won’t attack unless you try to cross the bridge. Might as well shoot ‘em ahead of time, yes?

- (If you come back to this area the bridge seems to be patrolled by a Mr. Gutsy who demands you return home in the face of a curfew. Refuse and you’ll have to destroy the machine; agree, but stick around, and it’ll attack. Mr. Gutsy can mow you down quickly, so if you choose to fight, find cover quickly. Go for the eyes! Even if you do destroy the machine, keep saying ‘Do you comply?’ for some hilarious reactions.)

- The Beantown Brewery is quite sizeable, and consequently, has two entrances. The first is visible from the bridge, and quite obvious. The second is ‘round back, by a bunch of old transport vehicles, and you’ll have to pick through an Advanced lock to get it open. We’ll proceed as though you came in the front for now.

- The front room has a computer terminal. Noooot much to see here. The room behind the desk has a sleeping Psycho Raider, and when you enter a clapping monkey toy will sense you and wake him up. Blow him away (and destroy the monkey) before there are issues.

- The stairs to your left will take you to a series of catwalks stretch to your right and left. There are several Raiders in here - one will probably pass by on a distant catwalk while you watch - and included among them is a dude called Tower Tom, in the room straight across from yours. He’s a powerful dude, but with some sneaking you can snipe him from the starting hallway. Loot him for some cool stuff. This area allows for a few different approaches:
  • Go in guns blazing. If you get into the lower area you’ll have plenty of places to shoot from. (If you came through the back door you’ll come out down here anyway.) The starting hallway and the catwalks in general aren’t that bad either, though there’s less cover.
  • Stealth. The catwalks are sparsely populated, and there’s no one in the bottom of the Brewery. Sneak around and catch guys from behind.
  • Snipe! My favoured approach. The catwalks are extremely exposed, and you can easily blow people away from a range. The lower floor makes this quite easy, if you can get down there without being spotted. (Back door!)
- Tower Tom’s office has a few items to grab, mainly ammo, as well as a Novice terminal to hack. There's a colourful history behind his gang, but little else. Sitting beside the terminal is a Gwinnett Brew Recipe Holotape. There’s also an elevator that takes you to the production floor. Big meeeeh. (You could use this to sneak up, but you’d be so trapped. Not the best idea.)

- The only other area of note in here is a set of stairs to the left of where you first find the catwalks. It leads up to an office guarded by two Raiders, assuming they didn’t rush down earlier. They’re watching over an office with two Radroaches, a bunch of useless crap, and a hole back to the entrance. Meh?