Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- Rocky Narrows Park is located in the west of the Commonwealth, a short jaunt southwest of Lexington. You may very well find it while travelling south to Diamond City for the first time, as it’s just west of Jalbert Brothers Disposal, which is itself right beside the most direct road heading south from Concord. Alternatively, you may discover it through the Brotherhood of Steel quest Quartermastery.

- The Park is noooot exactly the biggest place you’ll ever see. It consists of a small collection of burnt-out, destroyed buildings in the middle of a sparse cluster of trees. It’s pretty dead, too, aside from a pair of Stunted Yao Guai that live in the area. These two bears are more than dangerous enough to wipe you out at low levels, so if you decide to travel through this area, try to do it one bear at a time. Move slowly, in other words.

All done Yao Guai hunting? Have a look around:
  • The houses, presumably for campers, are pretty sparse as far as items go. The only exception is the western-most house, which contains a suitcase under one of the bunk beds. It contains a Fusion Core. (Also a creepy goddamned monkey.)
  • Beside the actual park is a small trailer with a few radioactive barrels out front. It’s worth going inside, ‘cause there’s a trunk here with a ton of items. (If Haylen sent you here, your prize is in this trunk.)
  • The only other thing worthy of note here are the train tracks a short walk to the east. There are two wrecked shipping containers here with a few Feral Ghouls in attendance, along with a buttload of radioactive barrels. The blue container has a bed and an Expert safe with jack shit of use inside; the orange container has a box with a few minor explosives. Really and honestly, don’t bother. The Rad damage will be extensive.