Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- You’ll find Easy City Downs along the eastern shoreline of the Commonwealth, just north of Boston Airport. You’ll know you’ve reached the right place almost immediately, as some dude will start announcing race results over a loudspeaker. Yep.

- Easy City Downs isn’t quite so friendly as it seems at first. There are Mines in the parking lot and on the outskirts of the track, and if you try to get onto the track the Raiders will open fire on you. Unfriendly - and you have two broad ways of dealing with them.

The Shooty Approach

In this case you’ll largely be staying outside Easy City Downs and firing from the streets. Stay on the outskirts if possible and shoot the Raiders as they come out to find you. They have towers to shoot from, but they’re not near tall enough to target you properly from the streets if you keep moving. It’s important to kill the Raiders before getting too deep into the grounds…

… because once you move past the track and into the middle of Easy City Downs, the announcer will sic the robots on the track on you. Most of them are relatively simple-to-kill Mr. Handy units, but there’s an Assaultron mixed in that can do some significant damage if you fight it alongside a cluster of other enemies. You’ll also start getting pegged by some Triggermen from the stands. Again, draw them away from the track and try to split them up so they can’t engage you in larger groups. There are lots of cars around that you can use to divide and conquer. Once that’s done, sweep through the clubhouse beside the track to wipe up the remaining baddies.

The Stealthy Approach

In this case you’ll be sneaking into Easy City Downs via the clubhouse beside the track. There are doors on the north and west sides of the clubhouse that you can use to get inside - just watch out for tin can traps that will announce your presence. Move quietly through the stands and the clubhouse and wipe people out as you go. If you have a silenced weapon you may be able to do this without alerting either the announcer or the people in the middle of the track. You’ll still have to wreak havoc on the Raiders, but the stands give you an easier place to snipe from.

If you want an alternate stealth route that’s much funnier, and are a Master-level hacker, look below.

- Regardless of your approach, you’ll likely still have one guy to kill: Eager Ernie, the announcer. He’s on the second floor of the clubhouse, which is inaccessible from the ground floor. To get there you need to climb up onto the towers in the middle of the track and use the bridges to walk across to his room. Ernie himself is no big deal, and he has two neat items on his body: Eager Ernie’s Key and Eager Ernie’s Password.

- You’ve cleared the track! Cool. The large amounts of loot aside, there are a few special things to see ‘round the place:
  • If you’re rescuing someone who was kidnapped, they’ll be sitting in Ernie’s room. Woot. Beside them is a trunk with a bunch of cool stuff inside. You can also find a Tumblers Today magazine in Ernie’s room, on a table near the lantern.
  • There’s a terminal in Ernie’s room that you can access with his Password, assuming you can’t hack through. This computer controls the robots, and can change their behaviours, whom they will target, how many are active (yay, three more!), and trigger a self-destruct. The robots aren’t great at following you off of the track, so there may be plenty still running around if they didn’t become hostile, or if you weren’t thorough. Do as you will with ‘em.
  • On the lower floor of the clubhouse is another locked terminal, and if you can’t get through the Master hack you can use Ernie’s Key to pop it open. This also allows you to mess with the robots. Seems redundant - until you realize that you can screw them up while the race is still underway. Have fun! (There’s another computer that can do this in the robot paddock, but it’s harder to reach without getting caught.)
  • Did you enjoy listening to the bugle playing constantly? It’s thanks to a floating robot called Ol’ Rusty, and it’s carrying a holotape called The Bugle Repertoire. Now you can listen to it everywhere you go!