Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Let’s not mince words, here. Power Armor is awesome. The closest thing you get to driving a tank in Fallout 4 - and probably better, ‘cause it can climb stairs - Power Armor can turn imminent defeat into a fighting chance, and a fighting chance into an all-out bloodbath. It’s pretty damned badass to stomp around in a suit of the stuff… but the problem is, Power Armor can be difficult to find. Fortunately, unlike so many things in Fallout 4, the locations of Power Armor aren’t randomized. Yay!

Below is a list of Power Armor locations in Fallout 4. It’s important to note that although some suits of Power Armor will always be a set model - for example, I’m pretty certain the suit you get for becoming a Knight in the Brotherhood of Steel is always a T-60 - most of them are scaled by level. I’m not sure of the exact levels, but:
  • At the start you will find T-45 Power Armor;
  • By the time you hit around level 15 you should be finding T-51 Power Armor;
  • Around Level 25 or so T-60s will start to pop up; and
  • Once you get near to level 40 X-01s will begin to appear.
It’s also worth noting that you can essentially craft more advanced suits of Power Armor from parts stolen from defeated enemies who were wearing Power Armor of their own. For example, there’s a Raider on the Wreck of the USS Riptide, north of Diamond City, who’s wearing Raider Armor. You can’t steal the frame from him, but you can take the pieces of his Power Armor and attach them to a frame of your own. This is especially helpful if you found an incomplete suit and need more pieces.

Please note that this list is currently incomplete. I have a lot of landmass to cover still. If you know of any Power Armor locations not listed here, feel free to point them out. Eventually I’ll try to work maps into this, as well.
  • Atom Cats Garage - Southeastern Commonwealth - Two suits: One in the Red Rocket Garage, the other protected by Laser Tripwires in the junkyard
  • Concord - Northwestern Commonwealth - Atop the Museum of Freedom
  • Lexington - Western Commonwealth - In a toppled train car almost directly west of Lexington's icon on the map; requires an Advanced hacking check to get
  • Federal Ration Reserve - Western Commonwealth - In a blue container near the front of the base; will be used by a Raider and lost if you make too much noise
  • Forest Grove Marsh - Western Commonwealth - Amid a military vehicle pileup on the road meandering southwest out of town, on the northwest side of the nearest highway intersection
  • Fort Hagen - Western Commonwealth - In a warehouse near the Greater Mass Blood Clinic
  • Fort Strong - Eastern Commonwealth - In a small building on the thin, sandy path leading to the front entrance of the Fort
  • Glowing Sea - Southwestern Commonwealth - In a Cave located northwest of Skylanes Flight 1665; will always be Raider Power Armor
  • Goodneighbor - Central Commonwealth - In a path beneath Bobbi’s Place, found during the quest The Big Dig
  • Nahant - Northeastern Commonwealth - In a shipping crate on a pier along the road into Nahant
  • Natick Banks - Southeastern Commonwealth - Sitting on the side of the road south of the town
  • National Guard Training Yard - Eastern Commonwealth - In a small cage, hidden inside a heap of shipping crates
  • National Guard Training Yard - Eastern Commonwealth - In the Armory
  • The Prydwen - Eastern Commonwealth - Granted to you after being promoted to a Knight in the Brotherhood of Steel; there are also several other suits up here, though taking them is considered theft
  • Revere Satellite Array - Northeastern Commonwealth - In the dish of the northern-most satellite tower
  • Rotten Landfill - Northern Commonwealth - At the bottom of a small lake, near a wrecked plane
  • South Boston Military Checkpoint - Eastern Commonwealth - Attached to the main bunker, behind an Expert level terminal hack
  • USAF Satellite Station Olivia - Northern Commonwealth - In the wilderness to the west of the Station
  • Wattz Consumer Electronics - Central Commonwealth - Among the remains of a small military blockade a short walk northwest of the store; behind an Advanced locked terminal