Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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You’ll discover pretty quickly that the location known as the Glowing Sea is, in fact, surrounded by a horrifying wasteland of horrifying wastelandness. There are locations in this area, but none of them are terribly safe, and you’ll be running into adverse conditions that greatly rival the rest of the Commonwealth the whole trip. Along with the constant effects of a radiation storm in play overhead, you can expect to run into the following:
  • Gross, gross water. Just… avoid the water here. It’s nasty. Enemies also seem to like hovering over and around these pools, a contrast to other places where water is usually safe (unless Mirelurks are about, of course).
  • Bad terrain with little cover. The ground is hilly, yes, and there are lots of trees, but nothing out here uses guns. The terrain won’t help much at all. If you get into too much trouble, just run. Don’t try to hide and fight.
  • Bloatflies and Radroaches. Both are still fairly minor nuisances, but they’re of a higher caliber out here, and can be downright deadly in packs. And they almost always appear in packs.
  • Ghouls. They, too, appear in packs, and will rush you mercilessly. Just as dangerous as they are anywhere else. Take them out at the legs.
  • Radscorpions. By far the most dangerous occupants of the Glowing Sea. Radscorpions are somewhat rare elsewhere in the Commonwealth, but they’re flippin’ everywhere out here, and they combine the speed and digging capabilities of a Mole Rat with the strength of a Mirelurk. Bad, bad combination. Try to avoid them. If you can’t, and there’s more than one, just run. They will follow you a loooong way, but standing and fighting isn’t a great idea, even in Power Armor. You’re usually forced into close combat, so go for the heads for a quicker kill.

It’s not a fun trip, needless to say. Unless you’re sure of yourself and travelling heavily-armed, running from the outskirts to the middle of the Glowing Sea is wise. Once you reach the crater in the middle (and yes, it’s the middle, you can go beyond the fringes of the normal map down here) enemy attacks will dwindle, Rads will pile up like crazy, and you’ll find a small settlement of sorts.

Crater of Atom

- This place may seem abandoned at first glance, but you’ll quickly discover that it’s actually inhabited. The buildings contain things that you would be stealing if you started looting, and there are people hereabouts who will speak to you - and defend themselves against monsters, if you lured any over. (I may have brought a pack of Radscorpions. Whoops!)

- On the west side of the Crater is a woman who will call to you. Her name is Isolde, and she wants to know why you’re here. Ask about Virgil, the dude you’re out here to locate, then either say you want information - yay, experience! - or mention the Institute to get what you need. Isolde will point you to a cave to the southwest. There’s an Astoundingly Awesome Tales on the second floor of Isolde’s cliffside shack before you leave.

- Head almost directly southwest from the Crater of Atom. The blasted landscape resumes out here, though you’ll find fewer enemies in general. Be careful, as you may run across a Deathclaw or two in addition to the Radscorpions. Removing your radiation gear isn’t an option anymore, so hopefully you’re properly outfitted. Eventually you’ll find Rocky Cave, Virgil’s small home.

A slumbering Deathclaw outside Rocky Cave in Fallout 4.
It received a shotgun blast to the stomach seconds later,
but isn't this just adorable?
Rocky Cave

- Virgil’s inside. Chat with him a bit and he’ll drop some neat details about the Institute, and where you can find them. If you're extra persuasive he'll throw in some more details about why he left, and give you some more experience to boot. Eventually he’ll give you the lowdown on your next quest, make a request of his own, and complete your mission. Then he gives you the next one: Hunter / Hunted.

- Don’t leave right away! The vast majority of the items in here belong to Virgil, and stealing is wrong. There is, however, one you can take: a copy of Tesla Science, sitting on a blue table. Near here is a terminal, as well, which will provide details on Virgil’s condition.