Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- Most of the Fort is taken up by, well, the Fort. Duh. That said, there are a few outlying buildings you can explore as well. Let’s have a look:
  • The bar across the street from the Fort is pretty dull, save for some ammo on the upper floor. You can sleep in here, if you want.
  • There’s a garage next to the Fort. Inside you’ll find an assortment of crafting items, as well as a Weapon Workbench, an Armor Workbench, and a Power Armor Station. (It’s the Fort Hagen Refuelling Station, after all.)
  • There’s a cluster of houses to the north of the Fort. The homes are damn near useless, but if you look on the other side of the homes you’ll find Relay Tower 0BB-915, which, when activated, will extend your radio range and pick up a number of signals you might find interesting. There’s a sizeable pack of Mongrels near here, so watch your butt.
  • Up in the hills to the west of town is the Fort Hagen Satellite Array. Welcome to the edge of the map! There’s a pair of Stunted Yao Guai living out here, and… not much else. Yay? Disgusting bear meat for all! These arseholes are melee masters, so keep out of their range as best you can. There actually is a small bunker here, built into the base of one of the satellite dishes (look for a metal entryway), but there's not a whole lot inside besides a creepy warning message and some decent, but unremarkable, items.
  • The Greater Mass Blood Clinic is just south of the Fort. It is populated by, you guessed it, Blood Bugs. (Also Bloatflies. o noes!) We’ll take a quick look at it below.
Greater Mass Blood Clinic

- This building looks small, but it’s more involved than it looks. Start by clearing out the two floors. It’s populated by Blood Bug Hatchlings and Bloatflies, both of which can be rather annoying if they attack in groups. Go from room to room and wipe them out.

- There’s a locked door at the back of the building which you can use to reach a room with x-rays on the wall. (You can also reach it by dropping through a hole in the floor on the second level.) This will drop you down near a terminal; Novice hack your way into it to earn a Blood Clinic Password. If you brought Nick along for Reunions he can do this for you, no problem. 

- The Password is used to access a security door on the second floor, inside which you’ll find another terminal (Password locked), lots of Stimpaks on the shelves, a Massachusetts Surgical Journal on the desk, and an Expert locked safe. You can use the terminal to unlock the safe. Plenty of ammo waits for you inside.

-Through a nearby doorway from the terminal on the first floor you’ll find stairs leading into the basement. Check a skeleton near the stairs for a Blood Clinic Key before descending. Down here are more vicious bugs to kill (and I ran into a Legendary, so be cautious). After you’ve wiped out the bugs, look in the rear room. There’s another door here with a lit button. Hit the button and you’ll find a storage area filled with fridges. These fridges contain more Blood Packs and drugs than you could ever know what to do with. Ransack it, as these supplies are great for crafting Stimpaks. There’s also a box in the corner with assorted ammo. Done…

- … or not. There’s one last thing to note outside the Blood Clinic. Hop down a hill and head south from the Clinic and you’ll find a large warehouse full of Power Armor Stations. There’s Power Armor docked in one of them. Scoooore. (Adjacent warehouses have stuff, too, but nothing quite as cool.)

The parking lot entrance of Fort Hagen.
Fort Hagen

- Now for the main attraction. Fort Hagen is a large building, and if you wander around the perimeter, particularly in the north, it’s almost a guarantee that one of the many Turrets on the roof will take potshots at you. You can use scaffolding on the north side to climb up onto the roof and wipe these things out…

- … but there’s no point, since there’s no open entrance up here. Instead, look around the south side of the building for a parking garage. It leads to a door into the Fort.

- Go up the stairs on your left from the entrance. There’s a Novice locked toolbox on the land (yaaay, Duct Tape) and another floor several flights up, once you reach a Protectron / terminal combo. You can Novice hack this terminal to turn the Protectron on, and it’s a good idea to get it going, as there are Synths in the room on your right. Exchange fire and take ‘em down. If you want an easier time, flank the Synths by going through the door on your left from the Protectron pod and hitting them from the side. (Keep a lookout for an Advanced locked floor safe in these side rooms.)

- As you pick your way through the rooms you’ll find a wider one with several cubicles, and if you look in the corner of the room to your left you’ll see a yellow box containing several explosives. If you unlock this Novice container you’ll trigger a Tesla Arc trap. Be careful about this. Keep your eye open for a Frag Mine on the right side of this room, as well - it’s set in a hole in the wall.

- Through the hole is a hallway, and ahead is another hole into a wider, darker room. There’s a Turret primed on your right; wipe it out. This may bring two more Synths out of hiding from a room straight ahead, depending on how much noise you make. If not, slip through the next hole in the wall and catch them unawares.

- You’re now in the outer room of rooms in Fort Hagen. Head north and you’ll find an Advanced terminal to hack; right in front of it is a Frag Mine to disarm, and behind it is a ceiling Turret to wipe out. Take out the defences, then check the terminal. It can open a security door straight ahead; inside you’ll find an assortment of ammo and other items. (This terminal also deactivates the Turret you probably just destroyed. Oh well.) Beside the terminal is a box full of ammo, and on the right is a chained-off door leading back to the entrance.

- Beyond the security door is an elevator. Pop inside and it’ll take you down one floor. There’s a door on your left in the next floor that leads back to the parking garage; straight ahead from this is a Laser Tripwire to disarm, and, past that, a Turret that will shoot straight down the hall at you. Destroying it at a range will probably bring a Synth over to investigate, giving you another easy target. A second Synth is lurking nearby as well. (If you want a closer-range fight, go through the second door on the left down the hall from the Tripwire. You can find items and Workbenches in here.)

- Go down the stairs on your right at the end of the hall. You’ll get a personal message from Kellogg before you hit a security door. The security door, when opened, triggers a Tesla Arc trap; let it fritz for a minute before continuing. You can find items on both sides of the hall once you go through the door.

- Stairs ahead; be prepared for a Turret when you reach the bottom. Past here is a double door leading to a new area.