Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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- You’ll trigger this quest by completing Jewel of the Commonwealth, which necessitates finding the Valentine Detective Agency in Diamond City. Speak to Ella, the Agency’s secretary, to hear about her missing boss, Nick Valentine. Poof, quest begins.

- Nick’s last known location was Park Street Station. This is located outside Diamond City, through the streets to the east. Leave Diamond City and wander to the northeast of Diamond City. You’ll have to head through neighbourhoods filled with Super Mutants and Raiders, but it doesn’t take too long to reach Boston Common, the park immediately beside Park Street Station. The entrance to the Station is on the northeast corner of Boston Common.

Park Street Station

- Down a set of dead escalators you’ll see a doorway, and if you move quietly you’ll hear goons chatting with one another. There are four of them in here, and they’re almost certain to see you the moment you go through the door. It’s easier to draw them to the door and then wipe them out in bottleneck fashion, as they won’t have any of the cover the room they’re hiding in affords ‘em.

- Have a poke around once the guys are dead. On your right are two bathrooms; they don’t contain anything of use, and one of the closed stalls in the second bathroom is trapped with a grenade. The kitchen on the left contains a Caps Stash, a terminal of no real use, and a Novice locked door. Behind it you’ll find another Caps Stash, other assorted items, and an Expert floor safe in the corner by the lockers. Ammo abounds.

- There’s a hallway to the left, as well, leading to a mattress on your left and stairs on your right. This next set leads to a subway platform with a ton of Triggermen loitering about, and if you make noise you’ll bring the whole lot down on your head. Quiet killing is very difficult, given the proximity of these dudes to one another, so kill the guys near the stairs as quickly as you can, then find shelter and prepare for a shootout. The stairs themselves are an excellent place to kill these guys without getting flanked.

- Have a look at the platform once the Triggermen are dead. The platform itself isn’t that interesting, aside from all the ammo the gunmen are carrying, but there are several side rooms and tunnels with items of everyday interest. In particular there’s a Novice locked door in the northwestish corner of the room, across the two sets of tracks, which contains an Expert locked safe, among other things. The safe contains a bunch of sweet ammo.

- There are joined tunnels to the east; these lead to another open platform with more Triggermen, patrolling around some scaffolding. Take them out - should be easy, compared to the last batch - and have a look around. A door on the next platform over, to your left, leads back outside. It will also put Vault 114 on your map, if you don’t have it already. If you take a right you’ll find the entrance to that same Vault, which you can pop open thanks to your Pip-Boy.

Nick Valentine, detective. And, uh... maybe not human?
Vault 114

- Just inside the entrance of the Vault another Triggerman will start calling out, and he’ll come to look at the opened door. If you engage him openly another Triggerman will rush you with a bat. Take ‘em out and have a look around. On the left there’s a locked Novice toolbox, sitting under a table, that contains… little of value, honestly. Yay, Scissors!  On the right and through a sliding door you’ll find a Vault-Tec Terminal, and beside it a fair amount of medical supplies. On the shelf nearby, as well as more meds, you’ll find a Vault 114 Suit, in case you wanted to be decked out in blues again.

- You can’t go through the sealed door straight ahead, so enter to the room to the top left from the entrance. Down a set of stairs beyond you’ll hear some dudes chatting, and you can get the drop on them in the hallway on your left. Try to wipe them both out, as one will attempt to flee down the corridor to get help.

- Through the door ahead, assuming they weren’t brought in to help, are two more Triggermen. (One was Legendary for me, so be cautious.) There’s enough distance that you can probably snipe them without raising much alarm. If you’re not anxious to fight you can avoid these guys by hopping off of the catwalk and sneaking below them.

- There are two doors in the south. Both doors lead to the same room, but opening the left door is more likely to get you caught by the dude inside. Go through the right and waste the guy. There’s lots of Pre-War Money in here, and a Box of Bobby Pins in the opened safe. There’s also a big hole in the floor, and more dudes at the bottom. For hilarity, make enough noise to get them over to the hole, then drop a grenade on their heads. Otherwise, pop down and put V.A.T.S. on immediately, as there are probably three guys ready to thrash you in the small room at the bottom. Once you’ve cleared out the room you’ll find the actual entrance to Vault 114 through the next hallway.

- After a short hallway you’ll find a large, open room, and some dude named Dino will be talking to the target of the mission, Nick Valentine, through a window on the second floor. He’s by himself, and you can kill him to get the Overseer Door Password off of his body. Find somewhere to hide if you decide not to kill him, ‘cause he’s gonna run out of the room and down the stairs to your left. 

- Head up to the door beside the window he was peering in and you’ll find Rex waiting; you can either use the Password to open the door or hack through the Novice terminal nearby. Chat with him a bit, then check the office he was in before leaving. There’s a Speech Bobblehead on the desk. (There’s also a Novice locked box just outside on the catwalk, but it contains little of use.)

- Follow Nick to the lowest floor. He’ll crouch down when he hears voices, and a number of Triggermen will spread out along the lower floor. A shootout is inevitable; you can make it a bit easier by going back upstairs and firing on them from the higher walkways, splitting their fire between your position and Nick’s.

- Nick will lead you into an adjacent hallway. If Dino is still alive, he’ll be in here somewhere; take him down if you want. (He was in the left set of doors for me. Not sure if he patrols.) Past here Nick will pop open a locked door and lead you through a series of rooms populated by goons. He is great at getting in trouble, and won’t wait for you to join him. All you need to watch for is an Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine sitting beside some candles in a room filled to the brim with stacked boxes. Everything else is fairly forgettable.

- Nick will eventually stop by some stairs, then head up when you get close. There’s a hallway ahead with two more Triggermen. (One was Legendary for me. Watch out.) Dispatch ‘em - explosives are good in this cover-rich-but-tight hallway - then check the side rooms. The nursery on your left contains some meds, the Advanced locked depot on the right has lots of Pre-War Money (especially if you manage to open the Master locked safe inside the room), and the last two rooms on the left contain assorted stuff.

- Nick will give you warning up the next set of stairs, and through the next door you’ll wind up back at Park Street Station. Here you’ll face off against Skinny Malone and his, uh, ‘dame’, Darla. If you’re persuasive enough you can convince Skinny to back off and leave you alone; if not, a firefight’s a-comin’. (You can also avoid this battle if you gave Mama Murphy Jet and listened to her vision. Choose the ‘Remember the quarry’ option.) If you are pressed into a fight, take cover quickly, wipe out Darla first as she charges you, and kill Skinny’s buddies before going after the big man.

- Follow Nick back to street level. Have a chat with him and he’ll explain what he is. He’ll also agree to meet with you back in Diamond City and explore the details of your case. You can follow him or go there at your own pace. Either way, the quest is done - and a new one, Getting a Clue, is unlocked.

Part Nine: Getting a Clue