Costume Quest 2 created by Midnight City.
Images used for educational purposes only.
Auburn Pines - Present Day
- After a lengthy cut scene tying up Costume Quest, you’ll wind up back in good ol’ Auburn Pines - though the party will be cut in half. (Also, you get to choose your lead character. It doesn't matter too much which you choose.) Have a chat with mom and dad to the left, then start heading up the street. There are plenty of leaf piles, trash cans, and garbage bags to bash on both sides of the street, all of which offer Candy. (Though it isn’t shown on a counter just yet.)
- There’s a barricade to the northeast. Slip past it on the left side to hit a cut scene with Dr. White, a rather suspicious dentist. Crazy stuff will happen, and the neighbourhood will be filled with Repugians, odd, zombie-like monsters. Bye bye costumes, too.
Lucy & Everett’s House - The Future
Quest - A Favor for Everett & Lucy
- Even weirder stuff! At this point the game actually begins, and you can access your Journal to view the stats of your kids. You can’t do much with plain ol’ tykes, though, so head left through the house and into the back yard, as ordered. You’ll find the Superhero and Candy Corn costumes in the shed, and after a cut scene…
Ahh, your first taste of battle. This tutorial will help you get down the timing of both attack and defence, neither of which are terribly difficult. The key is to watch the movements of your characters, as well as the movements of your opponents, and time your second hit to just before a blow lands, whether you’re defending or attacking. (This will be more difficult with defending, as every enemy as different animations, but practice makes perfect.) You’ll also learn a bit about special abilities, which will charge as your characters take damage. Save these for more difficult (aka boss) battles.
- Pop back inside after the tutorial. Enter the Time Hole that’s waiting and you’ll be shot back in time…
Backwater Bayou - The Past
Quest - Witch Hunt
- Ooo, the far-flung past. Up and to the left or where you come out you’ll find a pair of Krony Combatants, who, after a moment of chatter, will attack. These guys are your first serious opponents, but they’re not difficult at all. The Kronies usually concentrate on whomever’s directly in front of them, though Reynold as the Candy Corn will take more hits on average. Wren can take these guys down with punches.
- A short ways north of the two Kronies, beside the bridge, is a fancy water fountain. This serves as a save point, as well as for restoring health. Use it!
- Bach the two crocs on the southern banks and the tires to the right of the Time Hole for Candy, then cross the bridge to the left. Once you reach the other side you’ll hit a new quest.
Quest - Gator Wrasslin’
You need to find the parts to Monty’s costume while he struggles with the gator. You’ll find them in the gator pen to the left of the entrance; speed boost up the ramp on the far left to get inside the pen. The gator on the left has Monty’s Rainbow Wig, and the gator on the right has a Foam Ball. Less obvious is the Squeaky Horn, which you’ll receive by whacking the larger croc in the rear of the pen. Return these items to Monty and he’ll join your party, bringing the Clown costume with him.
You can also wander the grounds of Monty’s Gator Giddyup and find lots of Candy. There’s a pinata up and to the right of the entrance, plenty of gators that, for some reason, like Candy, and a ton of jack-o-lanterns you can bust open all over the place.