Bravely Default Walkthrough, Sub Scenario Four: Summoner Job

Main Walkthrough

In order to spark this sub scenario you must first complete the matriarch's small task of heading to the Temple of Water, south of Florem. Speak to her again after returning, then bop around town, talking to the NPCs highlighted on your map. After you learn that you need to speak to Sage Yulyana at his Needleworks, this sub scenario will activate right outside the matriarch's house.
- Speak to the girl outside the matriarch's house after determining that you need to head to the Yulyana Woods Needleworks.
- Speak to the Armory Clerk at her store. She'll ask you to look for a pair of girls who wanted spirit hairpins.
- Leave Florum and head southwest, past the path to the Temple of Water. Cross the bridge that leads further west, then turn north and follow the edge of the river. Ahead is a mountain range; approach the edge of the mountains that's jutting out into the green lands.
- You'll find the two girls being accosted by monsters. Despite the music, this is a relatively easy fight. Fire does nicely against these pipsqueaks.
- The girls will rebuff Ringabel's offer to lead them home and wander away. Sigh.
- Head west of the mountain range. You'll seewhat looks like a cave ahead. Approach the right side of it to enter a new area.
Florem Gardens
- The two girls again, still looking for stupid hairpins. Gotta chase 'em.
- Ahhh, another kind of trap. In this area you'll see big patches of flowers, some of them purple. Avoid the purple ones, as they'll inflict silence on your characters. Very, very annoying.
- The path branches up ahead; to the north is a patch of purple flowers. Go east to curve 'round them. On the way you'll find a chest containing 500 pg, and on the other side of the loop you'll find a chest just north of the flowers. Inside is a Hi-Potion.
- The path broadens into an open area to the west. Avoid the path directly south of where you come out and weave your way southwest and then south. At the end of a twisting road is a chest containing an X-Potion.
- To the north you'll find two routes into the next section of Florem Gardens. Take the right path - it will lead to a chest containing a Tomahawk and a path that heads north. Ignore this path and go back to the previous screen.
- Take the left pathway. It will guide you to an Ether, 1000 pg, and another screen in the north. Near the northern exit you'll also find a blue chest you can't open.
- Another new screen. Go north and you'll see a robed save dude near yet another exit. The other paths in this area lead to chests, but they're blocked by purple flowers. The only exception is the chest accessible from the northwest path, which contains a Remedy. (The chest in the middle of the area contains a Turbo Ether, and the chest in the southeast contains a Tengu Yawn.)
- To the north, a cut scene. And once that's done...!
This is a brutal boss. If you're lucky - which seems to be somewhat common - Mephilia will knock you about with a weak physical attack. If you're less lucky, and this happens more often than anyone would like, she'll use the all-hitting attack Girtablulu to do some all-hitting damage. If you're quite unlucky, she'll summon a Legion Impaler and a Legion Archer, common enemies in this area, to attack you. Irritating, this, as they can silence and/or confuse your party members, and they have more HP than their more common counterparts elsewhere in the forest. Beat on Mephilia, immediately wipe out any soldiers she brings in to support herself, and heal as necessary. Girtablulu is the big problem here, but so long as you have someone dedicated to casting Cura (and keep an eye on her BP) you can manage to waste Mephilia.
- Wiping out Mephilia will earn you the Summoner asterisk. Also, some creepy comments about Tiz. You'll also earn some of Mephilia's notes in D's Journal.
- Bad ending. Ouch.

Main Walkthrough

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