Chapter 6: A World of Echoes: Equal
- ... dammit! Not again!
- Many cut scenes follow. A certain someone is looking slightly suspicious...
- When you regain control you'll be on Grandship. That saved some time. Before heading to the helm, check the purple glow on the deck beside you. This is the Chest Key, a unique item which will allow you to do something you've been jonesing to do this entire time: break open all those blue chests scattered 'round the world's dungeons. Woot! Time for some swag! We'll get to those shortly.
- Onto the world map. Once again, it's your duty to awaken those stupid crystals. You'll also notice something else: if you completed the side quests in the previous world you visited... well... they'll all be back again. Yep, all those dudes are alive once more, and if you want you can take them on at further elevated stats. Good for JP, as well as the equipment they sometimes drop, but taking them out is entirely optional. On the plus side, you'll learn new stuff about most of them this time 'round.
Blue Chests
Blue chests, blue chests, blue chests! Those haunting beauties have been mocking you the entire game, and now you can open them with impunity. This section will help you find 'em all, because... really... this is the only new content in Chapter 6 at the moment, aside from an extra cut scene in Caldisla and some revised conversations with the side characters...
  • Lontano Villa - 3F, northern room. Contains a Lustrous Shield.
  • Vestment Cave - B1, in the north. Contains a Luminous Robe.
  • Harena Ruins - B2, in a small nice just north of the passageway full of traps. Contains an Air Knife.
  • Grand Mill Works - 2F, in a small room available from 3F; take the northern set of stairs on 2F. Contains a Gale Staff.
  • Miasma Woods - Central, east of the southern exit. Contains a Death Axe.
  • Florem Gardens - Central, along the northern path. Contains a Royal Crown.
  • Witherwood - Interior, near the save point in the east. Contains a Longinus.
  • Twilight Ruins - B2, botom-left corner. Contains a Yoichi's Bow.
  • Grapp Keep - 1F, in a small room in the north of the area. Contains Genji Armor.
  • Mythril Mine - 2F, in the top-left corner of a northern path. Contains Genji Gloves.
  • Underflow - 1F East, along the northern passage. Contains a Genji Helm.
  • Starkfort Interior - 2F, via the northern staircase on the first floor. Contains a Muramasa.
  • Grandship Engine Room - B29, in the eastern passages. Contains a Brave Suit.
  • Eternian Central Command - B48, in the northeast. Contains a Chaos Blade.
  • Everlast Tower - 3F, in a small niche in the north. Contains a Wonder Rod.
  • Vampire Castle - 1F, west side of the Castle. Contains Hadean Claws.
The Crystals and Ending the Game
Yep, you have to awaken the crystals. Again. Having fun yet? You'll have to do as you did in the last version of the world, traveling to the Temples, defeating the monsters guarding the crystals, and then performing the usual tapping mini game. Do that four times to proceed with the story.
As of Chapter 5, you've had an alternate option when dealing with the crystals" destroy one. During the tapping mini game you can, if you wish, continue tapping after Airy tells you to stop. Do this enough and you'll trigger a major cut scene, as well as open the way to the game's final dungeon. This is not the game's true ending, mind, but it is an ending. If you beat the game by doing this, you'll be returned to the chamber of the crystal you destroyed moments before you took it out, granting you the chance to proceed as normal. Your choice.
- Weeeeee'll proceed as though you've decided to awaken the crystals anyway. After finishing off three of the temples, Tiz and Ringabel will opt to visit Sage Yulyana. Make the trip out to the Needleworks.
- The Sage will ask you to do the same as in Chapter 5: wander down into the Vestment Cave to have a chat. Sounds fun.
- Cut scene follows. Poor Agn├Ęs. Head back out to the world map once it's done.
- Amid the sea of blue on the map (assuming you haven't done the side quests yet), you may notice a new one at the Yulyana Woods Needleworks. Head over there and you'll find a note saying he wants to meet you in the chamber of the Council of Six. Oooo. (Full details are in this article.)
- Finish up the final crystal. The Pillar of Light will appear once again. Fly inside. This time, surely, it will do the trick...!