Everlast Tower
- The Tower is found through the northern exit of Eternian Central Command. Hustle!
- There's a cut scene immediately after you arrive. Once it's done, check out the eastern rooms. You'll also find a path outside. It leads to a nice landing pad you can use to summon Grandship. Handy if you need to depart and don't want to walk.
- Go up the stairs in the north.
- 2F. Ye gods, lookit all the stairs. Start with the southeast corner; you'll find a chest containing a Turbo Ether, a downward staircase leading to an Ancient Bow, and an upward staircase to a Kiku-Ichimonji.
- Return to 2F and head northwest next. (You can take the northeast stairs to get to the same area, but you'll be more efficient if you go northwest.) Up here you'll find an X-Potion and downward stairs leading to a Turbo Ether. Before heading south, travel eastward along the northern path to find another chest. Inside is an Earth Drum.
- 1F. Make your way to the southwest set of stairs and go up.
- 2F. In the room to your right is an anchorite with a summon, Deus Ex. This monster will do upwards of 5,000 HP of lightning damage to everyone. Have fun! One way or the other, go up the stairs to the north.
- 3F. Follow the twisting passages to a split, then go southeast. You'll find an Elixir waiting.
- Return to the split and go northeast. A short distance away you'll find a blue chest. Sigh.... soon, soon... take a right here and go up the stairs in the middle of this area.
- 4F. Go north and then west to find a twisting deadend passage; at the end of it is a Dark Shield. Do the same to the east of the stairs to find a Gold Hourglass.
- To the south of this first set of stairs is another, more or less right in the middle of the map. Continue west past them to find your way to a chest containing a Dragon Fang. Backtrack and use the stairs.
- 3F to 4F. You'll wind up in the southern half of 4F. Wander the long hallway west.
- Now you're officially in the Temple of Earth. Inspect the rooms for extra dialogue, as well as an Earth Charm (bottom-right corner), an Earth Mallet (top-right corner), and a Light Curtain (south of the room where the vestments are usually found in the Temples).
- You won't be too surprised to find a robed save dude near the crystal room. Save up and head on in.
- Cut scene follows. Battle time!
Gigas Lich
Whoa, he's a biggun! It shouldn't be any surprise that Gigas Lich is a powerhouse, though for a wonder, most of his attacks are magic-based. He'll use one of four attacks: Fear, which inflicts the annoying dread status on one or more people; Death, which immediately kills a character; Quaga, which hits one person with earth damage; or Slam, which will hit everyone for a fair amount of pain. Throw on top the fact that Gigas Lich automatically buffs itself each turn and you've got a painful battle ahead.
Winnable? Yes, of course. Gigas Lich is undead, so it's vulnerable to fire and restorative magic. Use both to whittle down its HP while your characters work on keeping themselves healed. It's particularly important to Esuna away dread as soon as you can, because you really need Default to survive Gigas Lich's periodic Slam attacks. Curada is an amazing weapon in this fight, and may do more damage than any other spell, so this is one instance where your healer can contribute as much pain as anyone else - so long as they don't neglect their healing duties, of course.
- Cut scene and tapping game dead ahead. Yay! Crystal activated! Your support ability limit will increase by one, and you'll have a new destination: the Pillar of Light. Oooooo, ominous -yet holy.