Final Fantasy X Walkthrough, Part Fourteen: Bevelle

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Part Thirteen: Bikanel Island

Main Walkthrough

Bevelle Palace
- After a cool cut scene, everyone will wind up crashing Seymour's wedding. You'll now have to climb the stairs up to the Maester, fighting off the legions of warrior monks along the way. These are easy, predictable battles, but make sure you heal up in the wake of fighting Evrae all the same.
- Loooong cut scene. After it's done you'll be inside the Palace. Hit the controls beside you to get whisked to the bottom.
- Walk until you find the group gathered outside the Cloister of Trials. Sitting on the floor in this area, at the foot of the stairs, is the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXII. You don't get to return here, so best grab it now.
Bevelle Cloister of Trials
1.) Push the pedestal forward. The nature of these Trials will swiftly be revealed to you.
2.) Take a right at the first junction. Ride the platform all the way to the bottom. Here you'll find a Bevelle Sphere. Grab it and insert it into the pedestal, then shove the pedestal back out and ride it back to the top.
3.) Ride north to the next junction. Hop off to your right. Place one of the two Bevelle Spheres embedded in the pedestal into the wall niche.
4.) Hop back onto your platform and ride a little ways north. At the next alternating glyph you can turn around; otherwise the platform will zip back to the beginning. Either way, proceed to the opposite side of the second junction on this level and jump off. There's another Bevelle Sphere waiting. It's a little tricky to time this move correctly, so you may miss it once or twice. Trust me, you can get to this second platform. Remove the Bevelle Sphere and stick it in your pedestal.
5.) Ride the platform back to the beginning. Go right at the first junction to descend. Go left at the next junction. There will be three more potential turns ahead; take the third one to find an empty recess. Place one of the Bevelle Spheres in the recess. This will create a path to another recess, this one empty.
6.) Hop back on the platform and ride it back to the beginning of this line. Proceed down it and take a right at the second junction this time to find a Glyph Sphere. Grab it.
7.) Ride back to the third turn. Use the Glyph Sphere on the recessed wall to clear the way. Beyond is a Destruction Sphere. Snag it. While you're here, grab the Bevelle Sphere that was used to create the platform and put it back in the pedestal, as well.
8.) Back to the platform, and back to the beginning of the triple hallway. Ride the platform to the second turn and hop off. Place the Destruction Sphere in the recess.
9.) Ride the platform baaaack to the beginning. Take your first right this time, and push the pedestal towards the camera when Tidus jumps off. This will usher you onto another track, one that's redirected from a dead end thanks to the Destruction Sphere.
10.) Run up the stairs and open the chest to find an HP Sphere.
11.) Before leaving, hit the spot of light to your right to make the pedestal pop up here. Remove one of the Bevelle Spheres and put it in the nearby recess, then push the pedestal to your right. It will take you to a chest containing a Knight Lance. You can't get this without that second Bevelle Sphere! (Though, fortunately, it's not a compulsory treasure for the super secret thing you get for gathering all of the treasure in the Cloister of Trials bits. And no, this sadly isn't the last Cloister of Trials. Sigh.)
- After finishing up, run east to find the Chamber of the Fayth. Cut scenes. Yuna will receive Bahamut, one of the best danged aeons you'll ever get. (Though still not the best.) After that... bad stuff.
Via Purifico
- There are tons of cut scenes to follow. Once they're done you'll be controlling Yuna alone. Yuna's perfectly capable of fighting solo, thanks to her aeons, but you won't lose a whole lot by running. The AP down here is prettty abysmal.
- Save, then take a left in the first large chamber. In a smaller, western chamber you'll find an Elixir in a chest.
- Run north to the next large chamber. You'll find Lulu waiting in a dead end to your right. Beside her is a chest containing a White Magic Sphere.
- Return to the chamber with the Save Sphere and go right instead, then north at the next junction. Kimahri's waiting in the next room. Also here, to your left, is a chest containing a Mega-Potion.
- Continue north. Auron is waiting in the next large chamber, by a Save Sphere. Run north into the area with red lights. Cut scene and unexpected boss!
BOSS: Evrae Altana
There are three ways to handle this battle. The first is to simply flee. Have Rikku and Tidus attack the two locks as special actions to run away from Evrae. The second is to straight up battle it, which can be a little tricky since you only have three characters. Mind that you cure petrification whenever it pops up. The third, and best, is to simply use two Phoenix Downs on Evrae. They will do immense amounts of damage on this zombie and easily kill it before it can attack. Overkill, too, no less.
- Assuming you killed Evrae, swim through the tunnels to find submerged treasure chests. They contain the Avenger and the Rematch.
- Reunion! Once outside the whole party will be back together... though only for a moment. Kimahri will, for some odd reason, tell everyone to run and stay behind to fight Seymour. Naturally, the rest of the party wants to stick around and help as well. You'll be shunted to the end of the Highbridge before Yuna decides to go back. (This part always seemed kinda silly to me.)
- There's a Save Sphere where you begin, and O'aka's lingering here to provide some goods. Yay O'aka.
- Though you're kinda in a hurry, this bridge is a fantastic place to rack up AP. The enemies here are pretty easy to kill in one hit past a certain point on the Sphere Grid (honestly, it's quite abrupt, especially if you have water-based weapons), and if you manage to Overkill things you'll be getting 7,000+ AP per battle. The problem? Kimahri will be missing out on all that sweet AP. You get some sweet items during these battles (Mega Phoenixes? Hmmmm) so at the very least you should grind for ten or fifteen minutes.
- The path ahead is clear. Make your way to the second Save Sphere and you'll join Kimahri in a battle for your lives.
BOSS: Seymour Natus, Mortibody
Huh. Seymour's done some growin' up. Nevertheless, he's still kinda the same Seymour you've fought before. Relying exclusively on black magic, Seymour uses mid-range elemental magic at first, Break when he's about halfway through his HP, and Flare when he's on his last legs. These spells are backed up by his scorpion-like Mortibody buddy, which typically supports the spells Seymour's casting in some way. This is particularly dangerous in the case of Break, wherein Seymour will petrify one of your characters and the Mortibody will bust it up, leaving you one party member short.
Nevertheless, Seymour's not that tricky. Yuna's Nul spells are good at warding off his Multi-elemental attacks, and everyone else... well, they should just wail on Seymour. Rather, they should attack Mortibody, as it seems to be slightly less defended than Seymour and will suck energy out of him whenever it runs out of HP. At first this translates to some fair damage to Seymour; later on, as its HP decreases, this is less useful a tactic. Any attack you like will work, so long as it's powerful. The only spell you really need to fear for immediate kills is Flare, and by then Seymour will be running low on HP anyway.
As with your last Seymour battle, your party members can speak to Seymour to get temporary stat bonuses. Yuna receives a boost to Magic Defense, while Tidus and Auron get boosts to Strength. The boost to Auron is especially noticeable, and at a reasonable level he should rock Seymour pretty badly.
One last thing: aeons. Don't bother. Seymour's a summoner, y'know, and he can and will dispel any aeons you send out after a single turn. Not worth the bother, most of the time, unless Yuna's got an Overdrive ready to go.
- Cut scenes follow. They contain all of the feels. Once they're done, head east to reach your destination on the Pilgrimage: the Calm Lands.
Part Fifteen: The Calm Lands

Main Walkthrough

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