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Part Nine: The Moonflow

Main Walkthrough

Welcome to Guadosalam! Home to the plant-like Guado, Guadosalam is an ancient, mystical place with a strong connection to the afterlife. Strange enough on its own, that - though made all the odder by Maester Seymour, leader of the Guado, and his apparent fascination with Yuna...
- A cut scene will trigger the moment you step into town. Once it's done you'll receive a tutorial on customizing your equipment with Rikku. This may seem like a small note at the time, but customization is incredibly useful once you get the hang of it. Steal from enemies constantly to get the kind of items needed for hardcore customization.
- To your right as you enter Guadosalam is an Inn. Inside you can rest up (obviously), and you'll find a few familiar places to boot.
- Leave the Inn and walk towards the red door in the next area. Don't enter it yet, as it's your destination. While you're here, though, snag the Mega-Potion out of the chest to the right of the door.
- Up the ramp to your right you'll find an item and weapons shop. O'aka and the local merchant will compete for your business.
- Check the left wall of the main area of Guadosalam. There are several Guado Blitzball players open for recruiting. (You can find them all over Guadosalam, for that matter.) Check the rear of the house for a chest containing 3,000 gil, and look on the floor to the right of the dividing column (tree roots, whatever) to find the al Bhed Primer Vol. XIII.
- Go back outside and up the western ramp. On the map you'll see a small niche carved into the southern wall; in this niche, behind two Guado, is a chest containing an Elixir.
- You're done looking around. Head to the red door and chat with your team members inside. Try to enter the purple door on the bottom floor to trigger a further cut scene. Once in the next room, have another chat with everyone to continue the cut scenes.
- Once the long, looooong cut scene is complete, leave the mansion and head south to trigger another one. Once that's done, walk up the tallest ramp, south of where you are now on the map, to reach the entrance to the Farplane. Enjoy the weirdness that lies within. After you're done there, check out Seymour's home again for more story.
- Just a bit of story left. Chat with Lulu / Rikku several to hear a few interesting tidbits (who talks more depends on your level with affection - Lulu will probably be higher in this respect), then try to leave Guadosalam through its lower exit. Shelinda will give you your reason to depart. Go back and talk to the crew to finally leave Guadosalam.
Thunder Plains
- Ahhh, the glorious Thunder Plains. The tutorial at the beginning says it all: you need to dodge lightning strikes while you're on the Plains. Stick close to the lightning towers, or, if you need to wander off, be prepared to hit the X button to dodge out of the way of lightning. You won't take any HP damage for getting hit by lightning, but if you can successfully dodge enough lightning strikes you'll have a chance to earn some prizes later on. More on that soon.
- This probably goes without saying, but most of the monsters on the Thunder Plains are lightning-elemental. Lulu's Water and Watera spells are, therefore, invaluable for crossing the Plains in a quick, orderly fashion.
- Right out of the gate you'll see a Save Sphere ahead, beside a tower. Just south of this Sphere is a chest containing two Phoenix Downs.
- Follow the twisting path roughly northwest. In the distance you'll see a glowing stone. Press Square in front of it to trigger a small side quest involving Qactuars, which will thereafter appear intermittently on the Plains. These tiny creatures are much more troublesome than they look, dodging or resisting most attacks. The best way to take them down is to use Rikku's special items as weapons. Electro Marbles, stolen from Gold Elements, are very effective at bringing down Qactuars. Yuna's aeons are also capable of wiping out Qactuars with their special attacks, such as Ifrit's Meteor Strike.
- Behind the stone, hidden against the cliff and visible only briefly when praying to the stone, is a chest containing 5,000 gil.
- On the other side of the path, west of the stone, is Maechen. He'll chat about the nature of the place.
- Up the path you'll meet Shelinda at the base of another lightning tower. Just past her and to the east you'll see a small branching path on the map; it leads to a chest containing a Water Ball, fantastic for fighting on these Plains, and a second Qactuar stone. Pray to it and you'll start running into two Qactuars at a time, rather than one.
- Return to the path. Up north you'll hit a split, and Rikku will - in her own way - request a rest stop. You'll wind up in another Rin's branch. Talk to everyone inside and Rin himself will appear; speak to him and he'll give you the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIV if you tell him that your studies are going well. Check the book on the desk by the Save Sphere to learn more about Qactuars, speak to the woman behind the desk for resting and item sales, and check the back room for a cut scene with Yuna.
- Once you're outside, a familiar face will run by. Check the ground in his wake for a Yellow Shield.
- Back on the road again... though here is where the lightning minigame comes into play. If you manage to successfully dodge consecutive bolts of lightning, there will be a treasure chest waiting outside Rin's with a prize inside. The more bolts you dodge, the better the prize - and, potentially, the more prizes you earn. Check the table below for information on prizes. Note that leaving the Thunder Plains or entering Rin's Travel Agency will reset the number of bolts you've successfully dodged to zero.

Number of
Lightning Strikes
Two X-Potions
Two Mega Potions
Two Mp Spheres
Three Strength
Three HP Spheres
Four Megaelixirs
Venus Sigil

- Back to the north. Eventually you'll get stopped by Yuna and watch a shocking (badum-chssh) cut scene.

- Carry on north. You'll see more Qactuar stones along the way, and if you wait by one of them it will eventually flash. Pray by it. Having triggered three stones, you'll release a ghostly Qactuar spirit on the southern half of the Thunder Plains. If you follow this small Qactuar to a broken lightning tower (a short ways south of the chest containing the Water Ball) and pray in front of the tower, you'll make a chest appear. You can't currently open said chest, but once you've acquired the Celestial Mirror later in the game you can snag a Spirit Lance from the chest. It is Kimarhi's ultimate weapon in Final Fantasy X, and worth the extra effort to obtain.
- After you set out from beneath the shelter, continue north until you see a small indent to your right on the map. Just north of the indent is a chest containing 2,000 gil.
- That's all for this place. Carry on north and, eventually, you'll reach the end of the Thunder Plains. Woo! Goodbye lightning strikes, hello vaguely unsettling forest!

Part Eleven: Macalania Woods

Main Walkthrough