Ship Graveyard

- The first thing to note is your own ship. If you go belowdecks you can sleep in the right room and restore your health. Do this if you find yourself hard-pressed to get through here. This area is full of undead, so Fire spells work really well against the enemies.

- Walk off your ship and head northeast. South on the first broken plank is a rock; step onto it to create a series of similar rocks over to a Flail, then backtrack. Enter the cabin of the first wrecked ship you wind up on and go belowdecks. There’s a small room to your left (look for a light) which contains a Tent. Snag it, then head into the water to the south. In the next room you’ll see a box with a skull on it; check it for 990 gil

- There are two doors to the north of this box; the upper leads to a Phoenix Down, the lower leads through several more rooms, and eventually to a rest room. There’s a Potion along the way. (You can fall through holes in the floor along here, but the chances of it happening are small.)

- He’s a she! Surprise.

- The room beside the rest room contains a save point. Head north and you’ll wind up on the southern half of the ship’s deck. Walk across the pole to your right, then head south along the wreckage. There’s another hunk of a ship down here. Pop inside and you can find a World Map in the first room. This will allow you to pull up a, duh, world map, once you’re back on the… world… map. No other way to say it. Downstairs from this room you can find two Antidotes and a Phoenix Down.

- Head back outside. To the right of the door is a stepping-stone path leading to a chest. Open the chest to make a ship surface. Head north along the ship to find more hopping stones, north of which is a cut scene… and, eventually, a boss.


This can be brutal, especially compared to the first two boss fights, but it’s short. Siren has two forms. In her first, normal form, she’ll use magic to either help herself - Haste, Cure - or hinder you - Blizzard, Slow. She’s not too dangerous here, and her defences are low. She gets dangerous, however, when she swaps to her undead form, at which point she gives up on her spells and starts using her Venomous Grasp attack. This can inflict upwards of 90 points of damage and, assuming the target survives, can poison the character. Ow. Heal and defend during Siren’s short-lived undead form - healing magic works on Siren, here, since she’s undead, or you can opt for Fire - then attack when she returns to normal. She doesn’t have much HP, so you can potentially ignore the defensive stuff and just go on the offensive, but Venomous Grasp might shut you down. You’ll get Bronze Armor for defeating Siren.

After defeating Siren you’ll be free to leave the Ship Graveyard. Do so and you’ll wind up back on the world map. Follow the water’s edge east of here, and head south along the beaches to, eventually, find Carwen, the next town on your journey. This place is optional, but it’s wise to stop here and restock anyway.


- First up, outdoor items. North of the entrance is a line of barrels; one contains an Antidote. East of here and to the south you’ll see several crates, and you can walk through them and beneath a concrete outcropping to find a Frost Rod near the water’s edge, in another crate.

- Pop into the stores ‘round here. There are no items to be found, but there’s another piano to play in the Pub, and your gear could use some upgrading. The new magic here is a bit sparse, but you should at least purchase Protect, if nothing else.

- If you go upstairs in the Pub you’ll find an NPC who will direct you to your next destination. You don’t have to speak to this guy to trigger the next area, and there isn’t much choice as to where you’ll go next, but still.