Tower of Walse

- Head northeast of Walse to find the Tower of Walse on the edge of a thin cape. It’s near a fallen meteor. You can enter the meteor, if you want, but there’s nothing to see here right now.

- The Tower of Walse is filled with enemies, and they should look familiar if you pursued Shiva in Castle Walse. If not, know that Fire is probably your best choice for magic, in particular against the Ice Soldiers.

- Make your way up to the fourth floor. You’ll find the King of Walse laying here. He begs you to head upstairs. From this point you’ll start finding items; start by hopping into the water to the left of the King and checking the wall with the vines. You’ll climb up the vines to the fifth floor, where you’ll find a Silk Robe.

- 5F. There’s a save point straight ahead. Walk through the gap in the wall to your right and you’ll find a Maiden’s Kiss. Continue up the stairs in the north.

- Keep climbing until you reach the eighth floor. There are three vines to climb. The middle vine leads nowhere; the left vine leads to a Silver Armlet; the right leads to an Ether, as well as the exit to the tenth floor. Heal up, because the next boss is waiting up here.


This battle’s straightforward. The Garula is exclusively a physical fighter, and will batter your characters with constant physical attacks. It will also counter melee strikes every now and then, the chances of it doing so increasing as the battle wears on. You’ll take a lot of hits bring the thing down, in short. 

There are two ways to minimize your damage and outlast the beast. The first is to set up one or two of your characters as Knights with Cover, then set the rest of your team as Black Mages or Blue Mages. Pepper the Garula with magic and it won’t counterattack. This strategy will take a while, but it’s relatively safe so long as you manage the health of your Knights. The second option is to set everyone in the party as Monks, and to give them either White Magic, Chakra, or lots of healing items. Whenever the Garula attacks it will receive a vicious counterattack, but your counterattack won’t trigger the Garula to do likewise. Heal yourself consistently on each turn, and wait until your counters kill the Garula. Not too tough.

You’ll get a Hi-Potion for defeating the Garula. Then you’ll hit a cut scene, and in the midst of it you’ll receive the Time Mage, Berserker, Red Mage, Summoner, and Mystic Knight crystal shards, offering a slew of new jobs. (There’s another, but you can’t get it right now. It will show up again later.) Once you collect all of the shards you’ll be kicked out of the Tower of Walse, and the saddest cut scene evar will follow.

What comes next isn't immediately obvious. Head to Castle Walse and the king, now bedridden, will tell you to head to a kingdom named Karnak. There's no obvious clue how to do this without wandering around a few places, namely Castle Tycoon, but you can skip doing so and head straight to the meteor north of Walse. There's now an entrance dug into the meteor, and you can pop inside and find a warp panel. It will take you across the world, to a new area.