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Sequel to one of Square Enix's most popular games, Final Fantasy: The After Years is the episode continuation of Final Fantasy IV. Consisting of a series of Tales, each surrounding one or more of the original cast, The After Years presents Cecil and company with a new threat to their world - one that, in many ways, is incredibly familiar. (Which also gives the game an excuse to reuse most of the assets from the original. Handy, that, eh?)

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was originally released episodically for mobile devices, and, then, in North America, on the Nintendo Wii. It has since been remastered and expanded for the PSP as a single game, packaged with Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV - Interlude-, and was converted into 3D and released for PC and mobile platforms. This walkthrough focuses on the PSP version of the game, which is objectively (or subjectively, if you disagree, I suppose) considered by most fans as the 'best' version; as such the contents of the guide may deviate from the versions presented on the Nintendo Wii and Steam. (The 3D version of The After Years is the most likely to deviate, similar to the differences between the original Final Fantasy IV and its 3D remake.)

Unlike most role-playing games that proceed episodically - or most role-playing games period - each chapter in The After Years uses its own save file, and when you complete a Tale that save file will receive a gold star to denote completion of the base game. Do not overwrite these files! Once you reach the final chapter - which you can do by completing Ceodore's Tale, any one of the Tales that are unlocked after it, Kain's Tale, and The Lunarian's Tale - you can import these save files into the final Tale to retrieve any levels and items you've accumulated. Consequently, you'll have a larger, more powerful, and better-equipped team with which to tackle the massive end-game dungeon.

Main Walkthrough

Part One: Ceodore's Tale
Part Two: Ceodore's Challenge Dungeon
Part Three: Rydia's Tale
Part Four: Rydia's Challenge Dungeon
Part Five: Yang's Tale
Part Six: Yang's Challenge Dungeon
Part Seven: Palom's Tale
Part Eight: Palom's Challenge Dungeon
Part Nine: Edge's Tale
Part Ten: Edge's Challenge Dungeon
Part Eleven: Porom's Tale
Part Twelve: Porom's Challenge Dungeon
Part Thirteen: Edward's Tale
Part Fourteen: Edward's Challenge Dungeon
Part Fifteen: Kain's Tale
Part Sixteen: Kain's Challenge Dungeon
Part Seventeen: The Lunarians' Tale
Part Eighteen: The Lunarians' Challenge Dungeon
Part Nineteen: The Crystals - Blue Planet
Part Twenty: The Crystals - Subterrane
Part Twenty-One: The Crystals - Depths


Tail Collectors and Tail Locations