Part One: Ceodore's Tale

Main Walkthrough

Ceodore's Challenge Dungeon

- You’ll find the entrance to Ceodore’s Challenge Dungeon just inside the entrance of the Mist Cave. Piece ‘o cake. Namingway - sorry, Challengiingway - won’t open up until you’ve beaten Ceodore’s Tale. Note that you can’t leave the Challenge Dungeon without beating it, so don’t enter until you’ve levelled up to around 25 or so. It’s not that hard, but it’s hard enough. Watch out for Blaster-using Couerls in particular. Don’t forget to use your Cross Slash Band attack if an enemy is particularly tough.

- B1. You should quickly realize that this place is basically the Adamant Isle Grotto, albeit with stronger enemies and different treasure. Make your way to the northeast, grabbing the Dry Ether from the chest along the way.

- B2. There’s an X-Potion just outside the save point room, and you can slip between some rocks in the east to reach three chests containing Hermes Sandals, a Bomb Core, and a Great Bow. It will take some wiggling to get at ‘em, however. If you head south through this same passage you can find a muuuuch longer hidden path which loops around the room and eventually leads to a chest containing a Mystery Egg, and once it hatches, a Lamia. Kill her to gain a Mythril Sword that Ceodore sorely needs.

- B3. There’s an apparent dead end in the southeast corner of the area with a hidden passage that leads to Fire Arrows and a Vampire Fang. Make your way to the west and you’ll find a save point waiting, and past it a boss battle.

Adamantite Golem

This is easily the toughest battle you’ll face in Ceodore’s Tale, but it’s not that bad if you fight wisely. The Golem spends the battle moving towards and away from the party, getting stronger as he approaches. Once he’s as close as he’s going to get he’ll strike your team three times, each time doing around 400 HP of damage, before tiring and pulling back. Painful, for certain, but you can mitigate the damage by defending, casting Protect, and pulling into the back row. Keep the Hooded Man and Ceodore in the rear and use Cross Slash over and over after the Golem’s three-hit attack, as it will be paralyzed for a short time before repeating the cycle. It has 10,000 HP, so ten or so Cross Slashes should do the trick.

Upon defeating the Adamantite Golem you’ll find a chest. It will contain a random prize from the following list:
  • Adamantite
  • Elixir
  • Flan Ring
  • Lustful Lali-Ho
  • Mythril Armor
  • Mythril Gloves
  • Mythril Helm
  • Mythril Shield
  • Mythril Sword
  • Silver Apple
  • Soma Drop
  • X-Potion
Once you have defeated the Challenge Dungeon you will be chucked out of the Dungeon and returned to Challengingway’s room. If you wish you can then enter the Dungeon again, as many times as you like, and collect a new prize from defeating the Adamantite Golem. Bear in mind, however, that all other chests in the Challenge Dungeon will not be refilled. (And to be honest, the prizes you receive from this chest aren’t really worth the effort.)

Part Three: Rydia's Tale

Main Walkthrough