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Part Nine: Champions of the Just

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In Your Heart Shall Burn

- After you've completed either In Hushed Tones or Champions of the Just you'll be shuttled back to Haven, and a new quest will appear: In Your Heart Shall Burn. To trigger it you'll have to summon your War Council inside the Chantry and expend one Power on the associated Operation. Be warned! This mission features a rather dramatic turning point in the game, and beginning it will destroy any chance of completing the quests of Haven. Don't begin this Operation until you're happy with Haven.

- Beginning the Operation will force you to assemble a party, and then trigger a cut scene wherein either Mages or Templars will help your Inquisitor seal the Breach above Haven. You'll then appear back in Haven as things start to go wrong in town. Head to the front gates for another cut scene...

- ... after which either Cole (if you sided with the Mages) or Dorian (if you sided with the Templars) will show up and warn of an impending attack. Once you regain control of the game you'll be facing off against a slew of incoming foes that will swarm towards your front lines. They appear as either the Red Templars (Mages) or the Venatori (Templars), but both are just as strong, and the tactics for taking care of both sides are roughly the same. You'll have plenty of help from other Inquisition soldiers, as well.

- First up: defend the northern trebuchet, overlooking Haven's frozen lake. You'll have to face down three waves of Red Templars / Venatori in defending the trebuchet, and though they spread out as they come they'll initially appear in sizeable clumps. AOE attacks are a good way to soften them up before they rush your lines. There are lots of objects here; use these to remain out of the line of fire of the ranged attackers while fighting the melee opponents.

- After you've allowed the first trebuchet to fire you'll be sent southwest along the lake, where you'll find the southern trebuchet up a path and somewhat closer to Haven. This time you need to retake the trebuchet, then hold it against another wave of incoming troops. This area has fewer support troops for your side and less places to hide, but you have the added bonus of a Supply Crate in the vicinity. Once you've taken the trebuchet you need to wind it up; either do so intermittently, between attacks, or have one character with a low threat counter (Mage or Rogue, likely) crank the trebuchet all in one go. Set your Warriors to guard whichever character is prepping the trebuchet to fire.

- Head back towards the main gates. Along the way you'll notice Harritt trying to get into his smithy; smash the crates blocking the door to let him in. This will gain you 80 Influence. There's another Supply Cache and a weapon appropriate for your Inquisitor sitting outside the smithy.

- Once you get back inside Haven you'll hit a cut scene, and you'll gain a new sub quest in the process.

Evacuate Haven

- To the right of the gate you'll find Lysette under attack by enemy troops. Save her for another 80 Influence.

- Head up the stairs to the main area of Haven. You'll find another Inquisition soldier fighting invaders. Help him take them out, then follow him to the burning house on your left. Segritt is inside. Bash through the front door with a Warrior to get in and get him out for 80 more Influence. You'll find a loot box inside. If you take too long Segritt will die from falling debris, so move quickly.

- To the right of the stairs is the pub, and Flissa is trapped inside. If you enter to save her the building will be rushed by enemy troops. Prioritize the rescue, as Flissa, too, is in danger of being crushed. Once she's out of the building you can kill off the baddies. 80 Influence!

- Up the street from the pub are Adan and Minera, trapped beside oil pots that are about to explode. Ignore any enemies and rush up to save them. You have little time to do so before they die, so absolutely prioritize their safety. You probably know what happens as a result by now. You'll find another Supply Cache outside Adan's house.

- Almost done. Head to the Chantry and you'll find Threnn facing down a big group of troops. Take them out with her help for the usual 80 Influence. Check near her Requisitions table for one more Supply Cache. If you managed to save everyone, Varric with greatly approve; failing to get everyone will result in less approval.

- Pop inside the Chantry for a cut scene. You'll get knocked back outside, and have to fight your way to the last trebuchet in Haven, found on the west side of town. Return to the main gate and take a left. You'll face enemies the whole way, but their numbers aren't as bad as before, and you should have a good strategy for fighting their kind by now anyway.

Corypheus, the villain of Dragon Age: Inquisition. A jerk.
Corypheus, the villain of Dragon Age: Inquisition. A jerk.
- After clearing the trebuchet you'll have to aim it so it's facing the mountain above Haven, which requires more cranking. This process will bring scads more enemy soldiers to face you, and you'll have less cover than before. Unless you have a really sneaky character on your team you'll have to put up with bursts of cranking. There's a Supply Cache beside the trebuchet, but don't use it unless you're really running low, as this process is gonna take a while. Take breaks from cranking and go looking for Supply Crates if your team is getting critically weak. The bad guys will wait.

- Partway through the battle a mini-boss of sorts will show up to make things even tougher on you: either Knight-Captain Denam (Mages) or Fiona (Templars). Denam is a monster with ridiculous amounts of defence, while Fiona employs lightning magic. Both are fairly tough, but their true strength comes from fighting with their buddies. Focus on taking out their fellow Red Templars / Venatori, then go after the mini bosses. Make sure to grab the loot they drop, as it's a cut above the usual stuff.

- Completing the trebuchet's circuit will spark a cut scene that introduces you to the real bad guy of Inquisition, the malevolent (and, if you've played Dragon Age II DLC, familiar) Corypheus. Your Inquisitor gets a chance to say something awesome, aaaaaand... bye bye, Haven.

- The remainder of the quest is fairly straightforward. Follow the waypoints and enjoy the aftermath. (Mark of the Rift!) You now have a new home in Skyhold, and the game begins its second, even more involved phase.

Part Eleven: Skyhold

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