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Mauville Pokemon Gym

Despite the rather drastic changes to Mauville City itself, the Mauville Pokemon Gym is pretty much the same as older players might remember. The way to the gym leader is blocked by electrical currents, and you can activate / deactivate them by stepping on switches. You’ll run into gym trainers along the way.

As the surroundings suggest, Mauville Pokemon Gym is staffed by electric-type pokemon users. You’ll run into a lot of trouble if you’re not prepared to deal with paralysis - in other words, buy some Paralyze Heals - and you’ll be especially screwed if you’ve been relying on anything that’s weak to electricity up to this point. Paradoxically enough, your water-type starter is probably the best candidate for tackling this gym, though only if you’ve evolved Mudkip to Marshtomp. Otherwise, the little guy’s in a lot of trouble.

- There’s no skipping the first battle. Hit the red and blue switches and prepare to rumble.

Guitarist Kirk
  • Magnemite, level 16
  • Electrike, level 16
Reward: $448

Ground-type, special moves are ideal here. Fire- and fighting-type moves will work in a pinch. Lacking the above, you’ll have a lot of trouble chewing through Magnemite’s ample defences. Best solve this now, or you’ll never beat the gym leader.

May navigates the Mauville Pokemon Gym's electrical maze puzzle.
May navigates the Mauville Pokemon Gym's electrical maze puzzle.
- The second section is a little more complex, and you’ll be forced into three more battles. Hit the two blue switches on the right, then the red switch on the left, then the top blue switch again.

Youngster Ben
  • Electrike, level 17
Reward: $272

What, you’ve never fought these things before? Use a special move to avoid that annoying Static ability.

Battle Girl Vivian
  • Meditite, level 19
Reward: $608

So much for electric-types. So long as you don’t send out a normal-type this won’t be too difficult a battle.

Guitarist Shawn
  • Voltorb, level 15
  • Voltorb, level 17
Reward: $476

Electricity again. Ground-type moves are best. If you can’t win this battle easily, you’ll have a lot of trouble with the gym leader.

- Make sure you save once you reach the end of the line, ‘cause the gym leader… is scary.

Wattson, gym leader of the Mauville Pokemon Gym. Also, a big pain in the behind.
Wattson, gym leader of the Mauville Pokemon Gym. Also, a big pain in the behind.
Leader Wattson
  • Magnemite, level 19
  • Voltorb, level 19
  • Magneton, level 21
Reward: $2,520

Wattson is one of the most powerful trainers in the game comparative to his level. He starts off by swapping between Magnemite and Voltorb constantly, the two of them using Volt Switch to do damage while knocking your pokemon to the ground. This will eliminate any attempts to drag down defensive scores, and can completely screw up your attacks if you’re unlucky. Take out one of the two (probably Voltorb) and the other may start to swap with Magneton, which is significantly stronger and is so much more durable. Ouch.

If you can’t target weaknesses - ground is ideal, fire is next, fighting comes up last - you’ll have to rely on moves like Screech to remove steel-type innate defensiveness, then smack away with your strongest physical attacks. Try to get rid of Voltorb as soon as possible, ‘cause the swapping tends to fizzle once it’s gone. Unless you know your pokemon are safe from electric-type attacks, don’t allow paralysis to linger. Pull out a Paralyze Heal immediately and get your pokemon back in the fight.

Defeating Wattson will earn you the Dynamo Badge, allowing you to use Rock Smash outside battle. He’ll also give you TM72, Volt Switch. May it prove as annoying to your opponents as it was to you.