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Part Twenty-Six: Lilycove City

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Route 122
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Pelipper Uncommon Both Either Surf
Tentacool Common Both Either Surf
Wingull Common Both Either Surf

- You can find Route 122 by heading south from the Safari Zone on Route 121. There's a dock here that you can launch from, via Surf, to reach the Route. Head south and east to reach Mt. Pyre. (Yes, that's the entire Route. Exciting!)

- You can also go all the way south along Route 122 and find the second half of Route 123, denied to you earlier in the game. We'll look at that in the article dealing with Route 123, earlier in the walkthrough.

Mt. Pyre

Mt. Pyre is as large a dungeon as it appears to be, and consists of two different sections: inside and outside. You used to take them on separately, but they've since been fused. Indoors it is.

Mt. Pyre Indoors - 1F
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Duskull Common (OR),
Uncommon (AS)
Both Either Walking
Shuppet Common (AS),
Uncommon (OR)
Both Either Walking

The first floor of Mt. Pyre is pretty straightforward. Head left and you'll find three trainers waiting, not far from the door in the far west. In the bottom-left corner you'll find a woman who will give you a Cleanse Tag, and beside her is an Ultra Ball.

Psychic William
  • Staryu, level 35
  • Grumpig, level 35
Reward: $1,120

These two typify the kind of enemies you'll face in here. Lots of special attack power. Staryu kinda sucks on defence; Grumpig is more stout. Both will fall to dark-, fairy-, or ghost-type moves easily.

Poke Maniac Mark
  • Lairon, level 36
Reward: $1,008

A bit of a change from the other, special-oriented pokemon in Mt. Pyre. Water- or fighting-type moves will waste it easily.

Hex Maniac Valerie
  • Sableye, level 36
Reward: $1,008

This Sableye is a bit of a surprise with Power Gem and Zen Headbutt. Still not very powerful, though. Fairy it up.

May roams through the ever-depressing Mt. Pyre and its many gravestones. Many.
May roams through the ever-depressing Mt. Pyre
and its many gravestones. Many.
Mt. Pyre Indoors - 2F

There's a Super Repel a short trip to the right of the stairs. You can find three trainers (one is a set of trainers) on this floor: one just south of the Super Repel, one near the stairs in the east, and the last pair just south of the stairs in the east.

Black Belt Atsushi
  • Machoke, level 37
Reward: $1,184

A marked difference from other trainers in this area. You've nevertheless fought enough fighting-type pokemon to deal with this dude easily enough. (I hope.)

Fairy Tale Girl Momo
  • Jigglypuff, level 35
Reward: $560

Beware the sleep and Wake-Up Slap combo. Really not that difficult overall.

Young Couple Dez & Luke
  • Delcatty, level 36
  • Manectric, level 36
Reward: $2,304

Ehhhh... you'll be fine.

Mt. Pyre Indoors - 3F

You'll find two trainers a short walk from the stairs, another southwest of the first pair, and one more in the bottom-right corner of the room. There's a Lax Incense sitting near the second trainer, and there's a Sea Incense sitting beside the final trainer. The path splits here; take the stairs in the northwest before going outside.

Mysterious Sisters Elle & Aya
  • Girafarig, level 36
  • Mawile, level 36
Reward: $1,540

Ooo, Girafarig. Novel. As long as you don't forget that Mawile is steel-type, you'll be fine.

Hex Maniac Tasha
  • Shuppet, level 34
  • Xatu, level 34
Reward: $952

Xatu shows up irregularly enough that you may forget it's part psychic. Otherwise, easy fight.

Backpacker Darnell

  • Kecleon, level 36
Reward: $864

Kecleons aren't exactly the epitome of strength, y'know?

Mt. Pyre Indoors - 4F

Not much to see up here. You'll find TM30, Shadow Ball, in front of the majestic gravestone in the middle of the room, and if you check out the sparkle in the right corner of the room you'll receive Medichamite. Ooo. Head back downstairs after snagging these two awesome items, then go through the southern exit.

May faces off against Maxie. He runs away again. Wuss.
May faces off against Maxie. He runs away again. Wuss.
Mt. Pyre Outdoors
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Chimecho Rare Both Either Walking
Duskull Common (OR),
Uncommon (AS)
Both Either Walking
Meditite Uncommon Both Either Walking
Shuppet Common (AS),
Uncommon (OR)
Both Either Walking
Vulpix Uncommon Both Either Walking

- This area is just grass and paths for a while. Follow the stairs as they take you upward. Keep your eyes open as you wander along the western half of the mountain, as there's a set of stairs through a patch of grass that will lead you to TM61, Will-O-Wisp. (Thanks to Anon for pointing it out. How'd I miss that? Seriously, yo.)

- Once you reach the top of Mt. Pyre you'll have some options. The first is to look up the set of stairs directly north. You'll find a Max Potion at the top.

- Head back down the stairs and check the southern set of ruins. There's a Max Ether hidden in the gravestone on the southern side of these ruins. There's a similar set of ruins a short trip to the northwest; behind them is another gravestone, this one hiding an Ultra Ball.

- Head up the central stairs. You'll find a new screen ahead, this populated by villainous team Grunts. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. They're straightforward enough that, eh, I'll leave 'em without comment.

Magma / Aqua Grunt
  • Koffing / Grimer, level 36
Reward: $1,440

Magma / Aqua Grunt
  • Numel / Carvanha, level 33
  • Mightyena, level 35
Reward: $1,440

Magma / Aqua Grunt
  • Mightyena, level 34
  • Golbat, level 34
Reward: $1,360

- And at the top...

Magma / Aqua Admin
  • Camerupt / Sharpedo, level 38
Reward: $3,800

... meh, this didn't require a comment either. Ho hum...

- Plot details follow, and depending on your version of the game you'll receive either the Red Orb or the Blue Orb. You now have another destination...

- ... but there are places 'round here to look first. Head down the stairs again and you'll find paths to the left and right of the stairs. You'll find a hidden Carbos in the ruins on the left side and a Dire Hit in the ruins on the right side. Check the tombstone just outside this second set of ruins for a Rare Candy, as well.

- Continue down the second set of stairs. There are, again, side paths. To the left you'll find a cluster of four tombstones; the bottom-left tombstone holds a Zinc. To the right you'll find no hidden items, but you will find Banettite sitting in fairly plain view. Grabbing it will just about do it for Mt. Pyre...

- ... which means you have a date with Slateport. (Though only a short date. Barely a fling.)