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Reja Town

- After creating a save and watching a small introductory cut scene you’ll gain control of Hoston, a young man with a sick father. Speak to Hoston’s mother to more or less learn what has to happen next, then leave the house.

- After a cut scene Hoston will be joined by Alina, though that does not an adventuring party make. (Yet, anyway.) Reenter Hoston’s house and look on the top floor for a treasure chest containing a Dagger. You can equip it on the Inventory menu; do so before getting into any battles.

- Now, in true RPG fashion, it’s time to explore. Reja Town is big, but there’s not that much to look at. The house next to Hoston’s is kinda useless, so start by heading southwest through the nearby field. The small house out here is home to Edessot, an inventor, and after a cut scene he’ll join your party. You’ll also gain the use of Lossa, a small machine that’ll come in handy later.

- Leave Edessot’s home and head west. In the shadow of a wall near several odd bushes is a chest containing a Gold Bar. North and to the east of here is what appears to be a gold coin on the ground; this is, in fact, a save point. Use these whenever you find ‘em.

- To the northeast of the save point is the local Inn. Stop in here if you need to rest and recover your team’s health. Inside the Inn is a chest containing a Caffeine Pill. Further northeast of here is a house that appears to be under construction; inside you’ll find another chest containing a Bow. Equip this on Alina. You’ll have to talk to her weirdo dad to leave again.

- To the northwest of Alina’s home are stairs leading to the upper half of Reja. Here you’ll find a Weapon Shop that sells items that are universally a step up from what your team already has. Not a bad idea to buy at least one of these, if not all. (Though you can make do without for the moment.) You’ll find an armour shop to the south along the upper level; the same applies here.

- Between the two shops is a house. This is basically a training centre that provides a few tutorials on combat in Pier Solar; we’ll look at combat in the walkthrough when it’s a little more relevant. Check on the right side of the house for an Herb, near the dude who gives you the Acolyte achievement if you speak to him. If you look to the right of the house you’ll see a tree, and beside the tree is a chest containing Berries. You’ll have to wiggle past the tree’s boundaries to get at it.

- Almost done. Head to the west side of town and down the stairs. Here you’ll find an Item Shop. Nothing fantastic, but it’s worth noting if you have trouble with combat and need some pick-me-ups for exploration.

- That does it for Reja Town for now. Head to the fringes of the map and you’ll emerge on the world map. From here you can move from location to location. Your destination is the forest, but we’ll check out the other locations on this small island first.


Located just south of Reja Town, the Headquarters is a small outpost for the local guards. Check behind some boxes on your right when you first appear to find Iron Armour, then climb to the top-most room. As you try to leave you’ll basically be conscripted to find a ‘treasure’ for the Headquarters’ resident bounty hunter, and he’ll give you a Gold Key that will come in handy for completing his quest.


Found to the east of Reja Town, the Bridge leads off of the island… normally. Right now it’s blocked by an old man. If you poke around by the boats south of the entrance, down a set of stairs, you’ll find a chest containing Gold Coins. Score.

Reja’s Farm

Found in the middle of the island, Reja’s Farm is a fairly innocuous location. In the north you’ll find a chest containing a Hemisha Berry, and if you speak to the man by the house in the south you can play a watermelon watering game. Collect water from the fountain in the middle, use it to grow watermelons, and grab ripened melons before your rivals can do the same. (Quite frankly, all you have to do is seat yourself on growing melons and wait for them to ripen. Easiest way to win.) Completing this little quest will earn you a Watermelon and a WM Cartridge.

That’s all for the lands surrounding Reja Town… save, of course, for Reja Forest, a multi-location area that serves as your first dangerous destination.

Part Two: Reja Forest and Reja Cave