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Chocobo Farm

- After completing your time in Kalm, head southeast across the plains. You’ll know you’re headed in the right direction if you pass through a narrower stretch flanked by bluffs.

- Near a set of bird-like tracks you’ll find a small Chocobo Farm. Approach the chocobos in their pen and reply ‘Wark’ when asked to receive a Choco/Mog materia. 

- If you check the house you can sleep in the bedroom for 100 gil. Otherwise, head to the barn. The boy in here will tell you how to catch a chocobo, which you can use to get across a very dangerous marsh nearby. You’ll need to purchase a Chocobo Lure materia for 2,000 gil, as well as Greens to keep your chocobo occupied. The kid recommends buying more expensive Greens, but you’ll do fine with either the Gysahl or Krakka Greens.

- Head out onto the field and approach the nearby bird tracks. With the Chocobo Lure equipped on one character you’ll stand a good chance of finding a chocobo here when you get into a fight. Attack the enemies, use the Greens on the chocobo, do not hit it, and make it to the end of the fight without the chocobo running away. Do all that and the bird is yours to ride. If you have trouble making a chocobo stick around, set the battle time as slow as possible and make using Greens your first priority.

- Using the chocobo you can now cross the marsh to the southwest. Beware as you cross - there’s a massive creature called the Midgar Zolom wandering the waters, one of the only visible enemies on the map, and getting caught by it will probably get you killed at this stage of the game. Come back later to take it on. The chocobo will allow you to outrun the thing. Barring that, you can wait for it to cross to the opposite side of the swamp, then dash across on foot. Difficult, but possible.

Mythril Mine

- One gruesome sight later, you’ll be in the Mythril Mine. This is a small dungeon, but there’s some stuff to grab nevertheless. The enemies in here are different from outside; magic is your best bet. Try to Steal from the Madouges, as they’ll yield up Grand Gloves, a decent weapon for Tifa.

Start by taking a right and onto another screen; at the top of the subsequent steps you’ll find an Ether, as well as a Tent in a box. Climb the vines on the left side of the path and you’ll find a Long Range materia atop a ledge.

- Back to the entrance. Head left and south ’til you reach an intersection. Go southeast and you’ll find a Mind Source at the end of a short passage. Go back north and continue west.

- A cut scene follows at the end of the cave, one that will change a bit if Aeris is in the party. Check the lower door in this room after the cut scene to find an Elixir and a Hi-Potion, then climb up the vines to the sunlit door on the left.