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Damcyan Castle

- Head north from the Waterway to the desert around Damcyan. Bad stuff happens.

- Enter the… remains… of the castle. Before going past the front walls, move one square south and wander along the walls to the east side of the castle. There’s a door here leading to the dungeons. Hit the switch beside the bars to open a door to the right, then go through and into the first cell. You’ll find hidden passages through the left walls of this cell and the next. In the second and third cells are a Crossbow, a Feathered Cap, and a Ruby Ring. Down the stairs back outside of the cells you’ll find chests containing an Antidote, a Potion, an Ether, a Phoenix Down, a Gold Needle and Eye Drops, as well as an Iron Arrow and two Holy Arrows in the pots surrounding the chests.

- You’ll find a Tent on the second floor and tragedy on the third. (As well as an iconic line.) Once all is said and done Tellah will leave your party and a new member, Edward, joins up. Edward is something of a cowardly member, able to flee hits more easily than anyone else and capable of some minor status effects with Sing. His Heal command is probably his best, as it allows him to split Potions between multiple characters. Pretty useless overall; put Edward in the back row. (He gets a lot better late in the game.)

- Upon leaving Damcyan you’ll gain access to a hovercraft. You can use the hovercraft to wander without enemy encounters, and if you head west and south along the shoals you can reach Kaipo to buy supplies. Otherwise, head northeast from Damcyan Castle to find more shoals. Head south from these on the next stretch of land over to find a cave.

Antlion Cave

- The enemies down here aren’t too bad; the worst you’ll probably come across are the Yellow Jellies, which are only vulnerable to Thunder from Rydia. Aside from Adamantoises, which are vulnerable to Blizzard, physical attacks are a good idea.

- Start by having a look around the northern half of this first portion of the Antlion Cave. You’ll find Spider’s Silk, a Potion, a Gold Needle and another Potion. Then head to the southwest side of the first area. You’ll find a Tent and a Potion down a narrow alley.

- Head to the southeast corner of the area to find stairs down to B2. Head south until you find an Antarctic Wind in a chest. Next to it is a room containing a Lamia Harp that will make Edward a halfway decent fighter. Head back north once outside and look for stairs leading back to B1. Beyond is a room with a save point, a Phoenix Down, an Ether, and an Emergency Exit.

- Return to B2. Just north of the stairs is a Potion, and to the west is a Spider’s Silk. Head south down several steps, looking for a set of stairs out of the area. This leads to the Antlion Nest, and, well, you can probably guess what’s down here.


The Antlion is a pretty reactionary opponent. If you don’t attack it with physical smacks, it will use weak physical strikes on you. If you do attack it physically it will use a powerful counterattack that can be rather dangerous. If your HP is low, have Rydia use the Chocobo Summon to avoid the counterattack. Otherwise let Cecil bash the thing while Rydia and Edward heal you up as necessary. If you fight on a regular basis the counterattack isn’t strong enough to take you down too quickly, assuming Rydia and Edward are in the back row.

- You’ll receive the Sand Ruby for defeat the Antlion. Backtrack through the Antlion Cave to the hovercraft, then guide it down to Kaipo. Here you can use the Sand Ruby on Rosa, in the top-right house, to bring her back to normal. That done, Edward will have a minor trial to complete - pretty easy with normal attacks - and when you set out the next day, Rosa will join the party. She’s good with a bow, and her Aim ability is okay, but Rosa’s primary role in the party is that of the healer. Make the most of her white magic.