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Old Waterway

- After going through the Devil’s Road you’ll wind up in Baron. Head to the Inn and look in the Pub at the rear. Here you’ll find… Yang? Speak to him and you’ll have to find a pair of Baron Guards, then Yang himself. Beat Yang up - he’s pretty easy to whomp with magic - and he’ll return to his senses and join the party. He’ll also give you the Baron Key.

- After a night at the Inn you’ll be free to go. You can use the Baron Key on the Weapon and Armour Shop of Baron to get inside, where you’ll find new and old equipment for your party. Buying four-fifths of your party Kenpogis will get a bit expensive. Load your party down, then look for a lone door on the west side of town that the Baron Key will also unlock. 

- This door leads to the Old Waterway. As you might expect, most enemies down here are quite weak to electricity. Yang’s Thunder Claws (buying two will make him quite the threat) and Thunder / Thundara will maul the majority of foes. The primary exception is the Electrofish, which absorbs lightning instead. They don’t have any major weaknesses, and should be killed with physical attacks before you assault the rest of a given mob with lightning magic.

- B2. Follow the initial path as far south as you can go. There are three chests down here containing a Hi-Potion, an Ether, and a Rage of Zeus. Loop back north and travel across the northeast bridge. This path winds around a bit and leads to stairs.

- B3. This section contains a number of hidden paths. Step down into the water and go through the hidden path to the south. It leads to the left and up to a chest containing an Hourglass. You can take a left from this patch of water and go south to find another chest, this containing Spider’s Silk

- Return to the first patch of water and go through the wall to the right. Pass through the next right wall and you’ll enter a larger open area, in the middle of which is Hermes’ Shoes. Head south of the chest, then to the right, and you’ll find a passage leading north and out of here.

- B2. Go up the stairs to your right. At the top you’ll see a chest on the left. Go through the wall and slip down, left, and up to reach it. Then go up to B1 via the stairs. A door on your left up here contains a save point. Use it, then check the top-right corner of the room for a secret passage. It leads to an Ancient Sword. Head back to the hallway and go up one last set of stairs to the right to emerge in the moat of…

Castle Baron

- You’re in the water. Head left and south to find a secret path into Castle Baron. From here, assuming you didn’t have a Tent earlier, you can go to Cecil’s quarters in the eastern tower to rest and restore your health. Otherwise, enter the Castle and head for the throne room. Along the way…


This is a tricksy fight. Baigan consists of three parts - body, left arm, right arm - each of which has its own set of attacks. The body attacks normally; the left arm absorbs health; the right casts Haste on the whole body. Taking out both arms will cause them to rejuvenate. Haste isn’t too bad, so smash the  left arm, leaving the right alone, then focus your full might on Baigan. He’s weak to fire attacks, but will cast Reflect as soon as a spell is used on him, so a Bluffed Fira from Palom or Tellah’s Firaga are good choices for casting. You can also get spells at Baigan by casting Reflect on one of you characters and bouncing spells off of them at Baigan, though you’ll risk hitting the other arm instead. Baigan doesn’t hit that hard, so as long as you don’t accidentally hit yourself with one of your own spells this shouldn’t be a difficult encounter.

- Rush back to Cecil’s room to recover if necessary, then enter the throne room. The king awaits…


Another Elemental Fiend. Cagnazzo is, despite his power, pretty easy. Occasionally using normal attacks, Cagnazzo relies primarily on his Tsunami attack to do damage - and it can do a lot of damage, hitting everybody for over 200 HP. This can wipe out Palom and Porom even at full HP. Fortunately, Cagnazzo hints at Tsunami by building water up around his body, and a single electrical attack (Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga) will dispel the attack before it can go off. These spells also hit Cagnazzo really freaking hard. Stick with electrical attacks throughout the fight - and it won’t be long - and Cagnazzo will go down in a few rounds. Even if he ducks into his shell, continue zapping the dude.

- Once the battle is over a lot will happen. Cid, for starters, will join your group, and he’ll provide decent combat skills and the so-so Study skill, which scans enemies and provides their stats. In exchange, Palom and Porom will leave the party. Ouch. Last, you’ll gain access to an airship, allowing you to explore the world at will. It’s not a good idea to wander anywhere you like, as there are enemies out there which can kick your ass at your current level, but it’ll prove handy nevertheless.