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Tower of Zot

- Welcome to the first of several large dungeons. The Tower of Zot will prove quite a challenge, especially given your less-than-stellar party at the moment. If you decide to leave the Tower of Zot, step on the plate on the first floor of the Tower and you’ll jump back to Troia. You can’t navigate the airship anywhere, as getting back in will shoot you back to Zot, so hopefully you have all you’ll need already.

- The enemies of the Tower of Zot are kind of all over the place as far as weaknesses go, though one takes precedence. Hell Turtles are weak to ice; Purple Bavarois, Gremlins, and Ice Lizards are weak to fire; Black Knights are weak to fire and holy; Centaur Knights, Puppets, and Puppeteers are neutral (though make sure you go after the Puppeteer first in the latter case). Tellah will get quite the workout here, and Yang does well with Fire Claws.

- Head to the northwest corner of the first area from the starting point, more or less by walking straight north. In the corner is Flame Mail. Then head east along the top of the area to find a door.

- 2F. This area has several passageways that pass through walls, making them the teensiest bit difficult to locate at first. Make your way south through the walls until you reach the lower passage, then head west and north. Down the right passage up here is a chest containing a battle with a Fiery Hound which can be won with Blizzara, and which yields a Flame Sword; down the left passage is another door.

- 3F. Just a series of silly passages. Stick to the south of the area, head east, then north to the far wall. Wander back west to find the door to the next floor.

- 4F. Head south until the path branches. To the north you’ll find three doors in a row. The middle door leads to a Gaia Hammer; the left door leads to a Hell Claw and a Fire Shield; the right door leads to a Sage’s Surplice. Back at the intersection you’ll find a door in the far east.

- 5F. To the south a short ways is a door. Make sure you go inside, as it leads to a save point that you’ll sorely want to use. Not just because you’re probably somewhat damaged by now, but because trying to climb the stairs down the hall leads to an automatic boss fight…

Magus Sisters

Three bosses? Hardly seems fair. Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy work as a team, with Sandy (the tall one) casting Reflect on Cindy (the large one) so Mindy (the small one) can bounce second-tier attack spells off of her and onto your party, negating the usefulness of Reflect. Getting rid of one of the sisters will stop this Delta Attack, and since Cindy will revive the other two she should be your primary target, either with physical attacks or your own rebounded magic. (You’ll wind up with Reflect on you whether you want it or not, really.) Killing Cindy will cause Sandy to use some status-inflicting attacks, while Mindy reverts to weak elemental spells. Pick them off at your leisure.

- Wander back to the save point and use a Tent, then go through the door the Sisters were guarding. Tellah will leave the party after a lengthy cut scene… permanently, I’m afraid… and Kain and Rosa will join in his place. Good timing, too, as another boss battle is about to happen.


The master of wind, Barbariccia has a powerful defence. When the fight begins she’ll raise a column of wind in front of her, appearing thereafter as a tornado. When this happens she’ll begin using a combo attack consisting of Tornado (reduces one character to single digits) and Ray (paralyzes one character). She’ll keep using this until you knock her out of this state, which most characters can’t do, as her tornado form largely rebuffs physical attacks. Your only recourse is Kain’s Jump action, which will bring Barbariccia back to normal. Have him constantly use Jump while your other characters attack normally. Rosa can heal with Cura as necessary. It’s not a difficult fight, as Barbariccia doesn’t cause much damage, but it’s nevertheless quite fiddly.

- Once Barbariccia goes down the Tower of Zot will collapse, and you’ll be returned to Baron. Kain will hand over the Magma Rock, which is necessary for reaching the next area of the game: the underworld.