(Note: This guide currently lacks details for CATTAIL FIELD. I didn't know I would be locked out of exploration after beating the next boss. I'll fill this in later, on my next playthrough. Sorry!)


Once you're back in OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE you'll need to return the SPECIAL MIXTAPE to CAPTAIN BOYFRIEND, up in the SPACE PIRATE SHIP. Heal up and save, then head to the ship. A quick cut scene will see KEL doing something rash - what else is new - and you'll be thrown into a battle with the man himself.


This is the first somewhat-difficult fight in OMORI. SPACE EX-BOYFRIEND has a lot more health than any other enemy you've encountered so far, and all of his attacks hit pretty hard. He can inflict SAD on your characters, which becomes annoying early in the fight when SPACE EX-BOYFRIEND permanently changes his emotional state to ANGRY. As the fight goes on he'll move to ENRAGED and then FURIOUS, gaining a substantial attack boost each time.

Leaving your characters SAD will get them trounced by SPACE EX-BOYFRIEND in a hurry, so having AUBREY use PEP TALK (or anyone else use SPARKLERS) to make your characters HAPPY / ECSTATIC is a wise course. This will allow them to do more damage to SPACE EX-BOYFRIEND while taking less in return. OMORI's MOCK will further reduce SPACE EX-BOYFRIEND's attack strength, increasing your chances of surviving his more powerful attacks by a great deal. KEL's RUN 'N GUN works well for carving health out of the boss, especially when you make him HAPPY to increase his speed. HERO you can largely leave on healing duty, as needed.

You'll receive an EYEPATCH for defeating SPACE EX-BOYFRIEND. Once the fight is over he'll turn into CAPT. SPACEBOY - how many names does this guy have? - and apologize for his rudeness. He'll give you a SNO-CONE TICKET and a TRAIN PASS and leave. Collect the E Hangman key from the bed. (If you check the spot where you found the E key you'll find an odd coldness, as well.)

On your way out of the SPACE PIRATE SHIP you'll see bloody tracks, like the ones that brought you to OTHERWORLD in the first place. Follow them south to MARI's blanket for a quick conversation, then leave OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE. You'll see a shadowy figure heading west from the entrance to OTHERWORLD.


Back to CATTAIL FIELD. OMORI is now by himself, and the area is deserted. There are many... visions... or memories... scattered throughout CATTAIL FIELD, and it's worth wandering around the narrow pathways to see them all. Ultimately, however, you need to make your way to the farmhouse in the southwest of CATTAIL FIELD.

Enter the farmhouse. Inside you'll find the F key... and something else will find you. 


Ah, yes, WHITE SPACE again. It's the same as your last visit, and that means there's only one way out: STAB. Poor OMORI.


After a somewhat disturbing series of images you'll wind up back in SUNNY'S HOUSE, though this time it's bright out. When you leave SUNNY's room you'll hear a knocking at the door. This moment represents a major shift in the progression of OMORI:

  • If you decide to answer the door you'll find KEL outside. This will put you on the SUNNY ROUTE of OMORI, where you'll spend a lot of time in FARAWAY TOWN, SUNNY's home. You'll still go back to HEADSPACE each day, mind, but there's a lot of story each day before you get there. 
  • If you decide not to answer the door you'll embark on the OMORI ROUTE. SUNNY will refuse to leave the house, and you'll have to carry out chores before going back to HEADSPACE. This route completely skips FARAWAY TOWN, and though much of the HEADSPACE sections are the same there's a lot of material unique to the OMORI ROUTE. Things are much bleaker for SUNNY, but, hey, this is a bleak game at times.
Ultimately you'll want to explore both routes to see everything OMORI has to offer. We're going to jump right into the SUNNY ROUTE, starting with the first section: THREE DAYS LEFT.